European Culinary Art Book from C.H.I.P.S.

Gastronomia International

This international cookbook features the artistic works and recipes of:

  • Karl Wannemacher

  • Marco Pierre White

  • Yves Thuries

Gastronomia International is a high-prestige and richly illustrated modern cookery review like no other. This book was created to further the art of modern cooking to increase the knowledge of the professional chef.

Containing the best recipes and tips from three highly acclaimed chefs, Gastronomia International is a must-have book for any chef's kitchen.

The book is divided into three sections for each chef. Every section contains full color photographs with easy to follow illustrated recipes as well as an introductory page from each professional chef.


  1. Karl Wannemacher of Germany
    Potato Soup with Parsley
    Lobster Lasagne
    Pike-Perch Fillets with Radishes and Radish Sprouts
    Salmon Terrine
    Supreme of Stuffed Guineafowl
    Rabbit Legs Stuffed with Prunes
    Chocolate Terrine with Baumkuchen
    Strawberry and Rasberry Strudel
    Cream of Blue Curacao
    Semolina Balls with Cherries
    and more!

  2. Marco Pierre White of The United Kingdom
    Oysters with Scrambled Egg and Caviar
    Baked Sea Scallops with Cinnamon
    Salmon Steaks in Basil Sauce
    Fillet of Red Mullet with Langoustines
    Black Risotto
    Hot Foie Gras Scallops with Sauternes Sauce
    Roast Saddle of Rabbit with Herb Risotto
    Feuilletine of Fresh Raspberries
    Soufflé Rothschild
    Tarte Tatin of Pears
    and more!

  3. Yves Thuries of France
    Red Tuna Tartare
    Smoked Young Pigeon Breast with Crisp Celery Salad
    Baked Calves Ribs with Finely Sliced Vegetables
    Barbary Duck with an Infusion of Chervil and 2 Mustards
    Young Guineafowl Drumsticks with Mushrooms
    Grandmother's Apple Compote
    Almond Bisquits
    Iced Tea Flakes with Pine Kernels and Jasmine Sauce
    Iced Parfaits with Jasmine Tea
    Floating Island Ice Cream with Flambeed Raisins in White Rum and Mango Sauce
    and more!

Designed for bakers, confectioners, chefs, pastry chefs and indeed all who are interested in unique and hard to find recipes, this book is an important and valuable part of any culinary and confectionery library.

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Gastronomia International
Hardcover • Full-color photographs
100 pages • $24.95 + shipping

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