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Guidelines for Performing Effective Pre-Startup Safety Reviews

Guidelines for Performing Effective Pre-Startup Safety Reviews provides guidance to those with responsibility for scheduling and executing a Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR).

Guidelines for Performing Effective Pre-Startup Safety Reviews features:

  • Integrates PSSR throughout the project/turnaround phases, with a verification check at the traditional PSSR step
  • Supports a "right first time" and "check only once" project philosophy to eliminate surprises
  • Features how-to checklists, hazard assessment, batch and continuous processes, validation, and documentation
  • Includes a CD with PSSR checklists and PSSR management system examples.


1. Introduction

  • What are the Benefits of Performing Pre-startup Safety Reviews
  • How PSSR Relates to Other Process Safety Elements
  • An Overview of the Risk-based Approach to PSSR
  • What is the Scope of a PSSR? Process Safety, Environmental, Quality and Personnel Safety Considerations
  • This Guideline’s Audience
  • How to use this Guideline

2. What Is a Pre-Startup Safety Review

  • The Basics of Pre-startup Safety Review
  • What is a Risk-based Approach to PSSR
  • The Role of Training in Pre-startup Safety Review
  • Scheduling Considerations

3. Regulatory Issues

  • An Overview of PSSR Industry Guidelines and Regulations
  • Best Practices for PSSR
  • Environmental Considerations
  • General Safety, Security, and Occupational Health Considerations

4. A Risk-Based Approach to Pre-Startup Safety Review

  • Using Risk Analysis Techniques to Select the Level of Detail for a PSSR
  • A Decision Guideline for Designing a PSSR
  • Typical Considerations for all Pre-startup Safety Reviews
  • An Example Risk-based Questionnaire
  • Two Examples of Using a Risk-based Approach to PSSR Design

5. The Pre-Startup Safety Review Work Process

  • Defining the PSSR System
  • PSSR Sub-elements
  • Designing and Implementing an Initial PSSR Program
  • Preparing to Perform a Pre-statup Safety Review
  • Follow Pre-startup Safety Review Action Items
  • Approve the Pre-startup Safety Review Report

6. Methodologies for Compiling and Using A PSSR Checklist

  • Building Your Facility’s Database of Questions
  • Various Approaches: Electronic versus Hardcopy
  • An Example Electronic Checklist

7. Continuous Improvement

  • Diagnosing PSSR System Issues
  • Training and Communication
  • Examine Excesses as well as Deficiencies
  • Why Refine, Improve, Upgrade, or Redesign
  • Upgrading the System
  • Example PSSR Performance and Efficiency Metrics
  • Audit Frequency
  • Qualification Considerations for PSSR Auditors
  • Sample PSSR Audit Protocols
  • Addressing Audit Results


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Guidelines for Performing Effective Pre-Startup Safety Reviews
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