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Gelatine Handbook
Theory and Industrial Practice
by Reinhard Schrieber

Gelatine Handbook contains practical coverage of the technical and technological, as well as nutritional and physiological properties attained through the targeted selection of raw materials, and the corresponding production processes.

Following an introduction to and the history of gelatine, Gelatine Handbook surveys the global industry and current trends, before going on to analyze the basic physical, chemical and technological properties of gelatine.

Manufacturing, including quality and safety and the processing of powder, instant gelatine and hydrolysate are dealt with, together with in-depth coverage of applications in beverages and foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, health and osteoarthritis, and more.


Gelatine – An Element of Our Life

1. Introduction

  • Gelatine – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
    • The Future of Gelatine Has Just Begun – Its Multi-faceted History Is Proof
    • It All Began with Glue
    • Pure Luxury for Kings and Aristocrats
    • During the Napoleonic Wars, Gelatine Was Systematically Researched as a Source of Protein
    • Suddenly, Medicines No Longer Had a Bitter Taste
    • Gelatine Helped to Popularize Photography
    • Magically Appearing Text
    • Gelatine Literally on Everyone’s Lips
    • An Essential Element of Our Daily Lives
  • The Development of the Gelatine Industry

2. From Collagen to Gelatine

  • Basic Chemical/Physical Principles and Technological Properties.
    • Basic Chemical/Physical Principles
    • Technologically Important Properties and Characteristics of Gelatine
    • Basic Principles for Selecting a Suitable Type of Gelatine
    • Chemically Modified Gelatines
  • Manufacture of Gelatine: Theory and Practice
    • The Raw Material "Ossein"
    • The Raw Material "Hide Split"
    • The Raw Material Pigskin
    • Conditioning
    • Traditional Extraction (Batch Process)
    • Continuous Extraction
    • Production of Fish and Fowl Gelatine
    • Processing the Extracted Gelatine
    • Manufacture of Leaf Gelatine
    • Instant Gelatine
    • Gelatine Hydrolysate
    • Environmental Aspects of Gelatine Manufacture
  • Quality Control and Certified Product Safety
    • The Quality Assurance Process
    • Standard Quality Tests on the Final Product
    • Microbiological Tests
    • Special Chemical/Technological Tests
    • Special Tests for Photographic Applications

3. Practical Aspects

  • Basic Processing
    • The Functional Properties of Gelatine Compared with Other Hydrocolloids
    • Dissolution Kinetics and the Rheological Behavior of a Gelatine Solution are Central to Process Optimization
    • The Typical Properties of Instant Gelatine Must be Taken into Account when Processing
    • Gelatine Hydrolysate – a Non-gelling but Versatile Product
  • Gelatine Applications
    • Confectionery and Gelatine Desserts
    • Dairy Products and Pastries
    • Meat and Delicatessen Products
    • Beverages
    • The Traditional and Modern Nutritional Science of Gelatine
    • Pharmaceuticals and Medicine
    • Photography and Ink-jet Printing
    • Cosmetics
    • Technical Applications

4. The Role of Collagen Hydrolysate in the Prophylaxis of Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis

  • Osteoarthritis
    • Genesis and Conventional Therapy
    • Preventive Treatment with Collagen Hydrolysate
  • Osteoporosis
  • Processing into Food Supplements

5. Future Prospects – Global Megatrends and Opportunities

  • Increasing Population with an Increasing Proportion of Elderly People
  • No one Type of Grain can Cover all Nutrient Requirements
  • Health is an Invaluable Asset
  • Low-calorie, Low-fat, and Low-carb
  • The Digital Revolution Continues.
  • Environmentally Friendly Production Processing Is Gaining Ground
  • Our Oil Reserves Are Shrinking
  • Gelatine’s Flexibility will also be in Demand Tomorrow


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Gelatine Handbook
Theory and Industrial Practice
by Reinhard Schrieber

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