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Geoenvironmental Sustainability
by Raymond N. Yong

Geoenvironmental Sustainability focuses on such a society's geoenvironment and the natural capital that defines it.


  • Provides a detailed examination of what constitutes a sustainable geoenvironment
  • Discusses development and waste management impacts from the four major components: industrialization, urbanization, resource exploitation, and food production
  • Analyzes the basic elements that define the geoenvironment with regard to water and sanitation, energy, health, agriculture, and biodiversity


Sustainable Society and Geoenvironmental Management

  • Geoenvironment, Ecosystems, and Resources
  • Geoenvironment as a Natural Resource Base
  • WEHAB and the Geoenvironment
  • Sustainability

Contamination and Geoenvironmental Land Management

  • Contamination and Geoenvironmental Impacts
  • Wastes, Pollutants, and Threats
  • Surface and Subsurface Soils
  • Pollutant Transport and Land Contamination
  • Geoenvironmental Land Management

Sustainable Water Management

  • Uses of Water and Its Importance
  • Characterization of Water Quality, Management, and Monitoring
  • Sustainable Water Treatment and Management

Urbanization and the Geoenvironement

  • Land Uses by Urbanization
  • Impact of Urbanization on WEHAB
  • Impact Avoidance and Risk Minimization
  • Mitigation and Remediation of Impacts

Natural Resources Extraction and Land Use Impacts

  • Sulfide Minerals and Acid Mine Drainage
  • Resource Extraction and Land Use
  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Remediation and Treatment of Mining Sites and Wastes

Food Production and the Geoenvironment

  • Land Use for Food Production
  • Impact of Food Production on WEHAB
  • Tools for Evaluating Sustainability in Agriculture
  • Changes in Agricultural Practices to Reduce Impact

Industrial Ecology and the Geoenvironment

  • Concept of Industrial Ecology
  • Industry Activities and Geoenvironmental Interactions
  • Mineral Mining and Processing Downstream Industries
  • Agro-Processing Industries
  • Petrochemical and Chemical Industries
  • Service Industries
  • Contaminating Discharges and Wastes

Coastal Marine Environment Sustainability

  • Coastal Marine Environment and Impacts
  • London Convention and Protocol
  • Quality of Marine Sediments
  • Rehabilitation of Coastal Marine Environment
  • Creation of a Natural Purification System
  • Sea Disposal of Waste
  • Coastal Erosion

Contaminants and Terrestrial Enviroment Sustainablility

  • Indicators
  • Assessment of Interaction Impacts
  • Pollutant Transport and Fate
  • Surface Complexation and Partitioning
  • Persistence and Fate
  • Prediction of Transport and Fate of Pollutants

Pollutant Impact Mitigation and Management

  • Soils for Pollution Mitigation and Control
  • Natural Attenuation Capability of Soils
  • Natural Attenuation and Impact Management
  • Lines of Evidence
  • Evidence of Success
  • Engineered Mitigation Control Systems

Toward Geoenvironmental Sustainability

  • Exploitation and State of Renewable Natural Resources
  • Water and Soil Quality Indicators
  • Sustainability Attempts


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Geoenvironmental Sustainability
by Raymond N. Yong
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