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Gluten Proteins 2006
edited by George L. Lookhart

Gluten Proteins 2006 contain 74 presentations made in September 2006 at the International Gluten Workshop and provides a thorough view of the current status of research in gluten proteins worldwide.

Topics include:

  • Biotechnology and genetics: methodology, genetics, environment and gluten quality
  • Structure characterization and functional relationships among gluten monomers and polymers
  • Rheology: application and prediction of gluten and properties
  • Health and nutritional aspects of gluten proteins
  • Proteomics and transcriptomics


Session 1: Biotechnolgy and Genetics Methodology, Genetics, Environment and Gluten Quality

  1. A Specific Combination of HMW and LMW Glutenin Subunits Results in Extra-Strong Dough Properties
  2. Simple Integration Patterns Observed by Transformation with the Glu-D1x5 Gene as a Linear Fragment
  3. Allelic Variation in Low-Molecular Weight Glutenin Subunits and Its Functional Importance
  4. Characterization of Wheat with Strongly Reduced Gliadin Content
  5. Chromosome Location of Genes Controlling High Molecular Weight (HMW) Glutenin Locus in Species Related to Wheat
  6. Considerations About the Effect of Incorporation of Two Rare LMW-GS in Durum Wheat in Comparison to Bread Wheat Doughs
  7. Development and Application of Fast Immunological Selection Methods for High Molecular Weight Glutenin Subunits in Wheat Breeding
  8. Hypothetical Differential Processing of Low Molecular Weight Glutenin Subunits Met- and Ser-types at Their N-Terminal End
  9. Effects of Mineral Nutrition and Temperature on Accumulation of Gluten Proteins are Related to Their Content of Cys and Met
  10. Frequencies of Gluten-Protein Alleles in a Worldwide Collection of Over 5,600 Wheat Genotypes
  11. Functional Studies of Wheat Storage Proteins in Model System
  12. Functionality of Glutenin Subunits Produced by Transgenic Yeast
  13. Combined Expression of Gluten Strength and Grain Hardness Genes by Crossing Transgenic Plants with Elite Wheat Varieties
  14. Interactions Between the Starch Granule Surface and Its Associated Proteins
  15. Lipid Selectivity of Puroindolines and Its Relationship to Endosperm Hardness
  16. A QTL Approach to Identifying Genes Controlling Protein, Processing and Baking Quality Attributes in Wheat
  17. Protein Alteration in Durum Wheat by Eurygaster and Aelia Species
  18. Molecular Evolution of Grain Hardness Genes in Genera of the Triticeae
  19. Silencing the a-Gliadins in Hexaploid Bread Wheat
  20. Structure, Evolution, and Expression of the Wheat Prolamine Loci
  21. Survey of Brachypodium distachyon as a Possible Model System for Wheat
  22. The Changing Frequency of Glutenin Alleles and Quality Implications in a Century of Australian Wheat Breeding
  23. Transcription of the Glu-1Bx HMW Glutenin Subunit Gene During Grain Filling in Several Wheat Cultivars
  24. Expression Patterns in Transgenic Wheats with Elevated Levels of Dx5 and/or Dy10 Glutenin Subunits
  25. Using Epitope Tagging to Explore the Trafficking, Location and Functional Properties of Wheat Gluten Proteins

Session 2: Structure Characterization and Functional Relationships Among Gluten Monomers and Polymers

  1. A Rapid Spectrophotometric Assay for Measuring Functional Protein in Wheat
  2. Analysis of the First Steps of Prolamins Assembly and Polymerization During Wheat Grain Development
  3. Comparison of Analytical Methods for Breadmaking Quality Prediction in a Genotype by Environment Study: SE-HPLC Versus Spectrophotometric Measurement of HMW Glutenin
  4. Differentiation of Allelic Variations of the HMW Glutenin Subunits of Wheat Flours by Use of Mixing Parameters and Polymeric Protein Content
  5. Distribution of Protein Composition in Bread Wheat Flour Mill Streams and Relationship to Breadmaking Quality
  6. Effect of Low Molecular Weight Glutenin Subunit Composition of Wheat on Dough Properties
  7. Effect of Seeding Time on Gluten Strength and Composition of Italian Durum Wheat Genotypes Harvested in Sardinia in 2004 and 2005
  8. Expression of Sequences Encoding LMW Subunits of Glutenin
  9. Influence of Sulfur Fertilization on the Technological Properties of Wheat Flour
  10. Non-Aqueous Fractionation of Wheat Flour—Method to Prepare Native Gluten Proteins
  11. On-the-spot Analysis of All Gluten Polypeptide by Lab-on-a-chip Capillary Electrophoresis
  12. Potentials and Method Improvements of Capillary Zone Electrophoresis for Use in Spelt Breeding Programs
  13. Probing Protein-Lipid Interactions in Gluten—An Acetic Acid Fractionation Approach
  14. Puroindoline Synthesis in Wheat Kernels with Contrasting Texture Characteristics
  15. Quality and Protein Characterization of Triticale Lines with the Pair of HMW Subunits 5+10 and 2+12
  16. The Impact of Redox Agents on Gliadin-Glutenin Linking During Hydrothermal Treatment
  17. Relationships of Glutenin Macropolymer Quantity and Properties to Strength and Composition of Gluten Proteins for Diverse Durum Wheat Genotypes
  18. Solid State Spectroscopies for Assessing the Structural Features of Gluten Proteins in Wheat Flour and Semolina.
  19. Studies on the Degradation of Gluten Proteins During Germination of Wheat
  20. Study of Glutenin Functionality Using a Transgenic Wheat System
  21. Studies on the Relation between Glutenin Particles and Protein Bodies
  22. Tyrosine Cross-linking of Wheat Gluten Proteins and Its Functional Importance
  23. Wheat Gluten-based Biomaterials: Composites and Nanocomposites

Session 3: Rheology: Application and Prediction of Gluten Qualities and Properties

  1. Changes in HMW-GS Composition of German Wheat Varieties 1994 – 2005 and Impact on Breadmaking Quality
  2. Contribution of Glutenin Alleles to Dough Rheological Properties
  3. Determination of Wheat and Bread Making Quality with Small-Scale Methods – An Overall Comparison Study
  4. Effects of Oxygreen® Ozonation Process on Bread Dough Quality and Protein Composition
  5. Evaluation of Methods for Separation of Plasticity and Elasticity in Gluten: A Step Towards Possible Standard Methods
  6. Fourteen Years Strain Hardening as an Indicator of Bread-Baking Performance, Questions Still to Be Solved
  7. Gluten, GMP, Glutenin Particles, Models and Practical Reality "Connecting Science and Practical Reality
  8. Influence of the Fatty Acid on the Baking Activity of Phospholipids
  9. Measuring the Rheology of Grain Hardness
  10. Modification of Gluten by Emulsifiers and Effects on Dough Stabilization
  11. On the Mechanism of Gluten Network Development in Flour-Water Batter Dough
  12. Rheological Properties of Doughs and Breadmaking Qualities of Several Wheat Cultivars Grown in Japan
  13. Rheological Properties of Low-Hydrated Starch-Gluten Blends Affected by Their Composition
  14. Rheology of Gluten Film Around Gas Cells in Breadmaking
  15. U.S. Wheat Marketing System and the Status of Global Wheat Quality Test Methods
  16. The Impact of Nutrition on the Metabolome, Protein Composition and End-Use Quality of Wheat
  17. Role of Gluten and Its Components in Influencing Durum Wheat Dough Properties and Spaghetti Cooking Quality

Session 4: Health and Nutritional Aspects of Gluten Proteins

  1. Alpha-Gliadin Genes from the A, B, and D Genomes of Wheat Contain Different Sets of Celiac Disease Epitopes
  2. Rapid Degradation of Celiac-Toxic Peptides by Cereal Proteases
  3. Post-Anthesis Fertilizer Influences Expression of Genes Encoding Allergenic Proteins.
  4. Problems in Detecting Barley Prolamin Contaminants in Gluten-Free Foods by Commercial ELISA Kits
  5. The Dog as a Model for Assessing Food Allergens in Wheat

Session 5: Proteomics and Transcriptomics

  1. Comparative Transcriptional and Proteomic Profiling of Bread Wheat Cv. Bobwhite and Its Derived Transgenic Line Over-Expressing a LMW-GS Gene
  2. Mass Spectrometry Based Identifications of LMW Glutenin Subunits
  3. Proteomics Studies on Wheat Developmental and Mature Kernel
  4. Wheat Proteomics in the Healthgrain Project

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Gluten Proteins 2006
edited by George L. Lookhart
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