Professional Hydrocolloids Book from C.H.I.P.S.

Gums and Stabilisers for the Food Industry 12
edited by P.A. Williams

The latest volume of this successful series captures the latest research findings of leading scientists in the field of food hydrocolloids.

The impressive list of contributions from international experts includes topics such as:

  • Hydrocolloids as dietary fibre
  • The role of hydrocolloids in controlling the microstructure of foods
  • The characterisation of hydrocolloids
  • Rheological properties
  • The influence of hydrocolloids on emulsion stability
  • Low moisture systems
  • Applications of hydrocolloids in food products
  • Plus much more!

Gums and Stabilisers for the Food Industry 12, with its wide breadth of coverage, will be of great value to all who research, produce, process or use hydrocolloids, both in industry and academia.


  1. Applications of Hydrocolloids
    • Designing structure into food
    • Hydrocolloid thickeners and their applications
    • Hydrocolloid gelling agents and their applications
    • From simple to complex hydrocolloid cellular solids
    • Controlled deposition and release of flavor to control aftertaste in-mouth
    • Effect of thermal treatment and composition on the mechanical properties of pea/k-carrageenan/starch desserts
    • The use of dynamic rheology for ice cream characterisation
    • The bioadhesive and swelling characteristics of sodium alginate suspensions
    • Bioactive properties of epimerised alginates

  2. Rheological Properties of Hydrocolloids
    • Modelling Properties of viscosifying starches
    • Molecular size effects on gelation of barley and oat &beta-glucans
    • Mechanical properties of maltodextrin gels: small and large deformation
    • New forms of xanthan gum with enhanced properties
    • Properties of sheared carrageenan/milk gels. Effect of the presence of nu precursors in iota-carrageenan
    • Gelation behavior and rheological properties of k/t-hybrid carrageenans
    • Creep compliance of pourable gels - new applications of an old technique
    • Microstructure and kinetic behavior of pure and mixed pectin gels
    • Hydration and mechanical properties of pectin films
    • Fish gelatin: structure, gelling properties and interaction with other food proteins
    • Gelation of egg yolk: DSC, rheology and electron microscopy

  3. Mixed Hydrocolloid Systems
    • Third generation gels
    • Gelatine/dextran solutions - a model system for food polymer mixtures
    • Effect of thermal treatment on large and small deformation properties of whey protein/pectin mixed gels
    • Heat-induced gelation of bovine serum albumin-low methoxyl pectin systems
    • Physicochemical properties of mixed pectin networks
    • Multicomponent biopolymer gels: the agarose-carrageenan-gellan system
    • Functions of guar gums with different molecular weights on the gelatinisation and retrogradation behavior of corn starch
    • Phase separation behavior in xanthan gum and sodium alginate mixtures
    • Large scale deformation behavior of model composites produced from biopolymer gels
    • Evolution under shear flow of drop size distribution in biopolymer mixtures
    • Mechanical properties and phase behavior of fish gelatin/k-carrageenan systems

  4. Chemical, Biochemical and Physicochemical Characterisation of Hydrocolloids
    • Analysis of partially amidated and methyl-esterified galacturonic acid oligomers by high performance anion exchange chromatography and matrix - assisted laser desorption -ionisation time of flight mass spectrometry
    • Detection of locust bean gum contamination by guar using enzymatic pretreatment and HPLC separation
    • Applications of immunoassays in hydrocolloid research
    • Starch granules: New insights from Atomic Force Microscopy
    • Measurement of gel characteristics
    • Hydration, the forgotten hydrocolloid property
    • Characterisation of pectin gelation using 8-Anilino-1-naphthalene sulphonic acid as a fluorescent probe
    • Small deformation measurements of transient gels using vane geometry
    • Application of light scattering to monitor colloid stability

  5. Role of Hydrocolloids on the Stability of Emulsions
    • Role of hydrocolloids as emulsifiers in foods
    • Effect of hydrocolloids on emulsion stability
    • Emulsion-stabilising properties of whey protein-pectin conjugates
    • Coalescence of oil droplets in oil-in-water emulsions formed with highly hydrolysed whey proteins as influenced by xanthan addition

  6. Hydrocolloids in Low Moisture Systems
    • Influence of hydrocolloids in low moisture foods- a food polymer science approach
    • Structural properties of gelatin in mixture with sugar
    • The use of carrageenan or gellan gum to control caramel rheology
    • High-sugar content acid-induced caseinate gels and emulsion gels: Influence of low-methoxyl pectin
    • Effect of principal ingredients on quality of cookies with dietary fibre
    • Water-soluble gums in low moisture foods (extruded snacks, noodles, and bakery products)

  7. Hydrocolloids as Dietary Fibre: From Structure to Functionality
    • Calorific values: Dietary fibre and analogous carbohydrates
    • The structure of Plantago ovata arabinoxylan
    • Mucin genes in the GI tract
    • The effect of dietary fibre intake on mucus secretion in the rat colon
    • Butyrate-mediated cell cycle arrest of HCT116 colon carcinoma cells is accompanied by hyperploidy
    • Butyrate-mediated apoptosis: Towards a mechanism of action
    • Diet and functional bowel disorders
    • Diet and irritable bowel syndrome: Study design
    • Bile acids, dietary fibre and risk of breast cancer
    • Dietary hydrocolloid fibre and satiety
    • Dietary hydrocolloids, special consideration with children
    • Hydrocolloid intakes and bowel function during the first trimester of pregnancy

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Gums and Stabilisers for the Food Industry 12
edited by P.A. Williams and G.O. Phillips
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