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Hadron Physics
edited by I.J. Douglas MacGregor

Hadron Physics covers both the theoretical and experimental aspects of hadron structure and properties along with a wide range of specific research topics, results, and applications.


  • Introduces hadron physics and relevant QCD including theory and experimental ideas
  • Provides the background necessary to become active in hadron physics research
  • Presents an overview of experimental methods and modern developments
  • Includes coverage of research topics, results, and applications



  • Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors
  • Hard Scattering Processes
  • Selected Topics in Baryon Spectroscopy and Structure
  • Hadrons in the Nuclear Medium: Recent Results and Perspectives
  • Topical Aspects of Hyperon Physics
  • Light-Front QCD
  • States Beyond quark-antiquark in QCD: Diquarks, Tetraquarks, Pentaquarks and No Quarks
  • The QCD Vacuum and Its Hadronic Excitations
  • Lattice QCD - A Guide for People Who Want Results
  • Resonances From Coupled Channel Chiral Unitarity
  • Chiral Extrapolations
  • Chiral Phase Transition in Hadronic Matter: The Influence of Baryon Density
  • A Covariant Quark Model
  • The Lattice Calculation of Moments of Structure Functions
  • Hadron Tomography
  • Dynamics of Hard Diffraction
  • Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering: Results & Future
  • The HERMES Recoil Detector
  • Prospects for GPD Measurements with COMPASS at CERN

Short Contributed Talks

  • The Magnetic Moment of the D+
  • Measurement of the Neutron Electric Form Factor at MAMI
  • Single p0 and h Photoproduction off Protons at CB-ELSA
  • Inclusive Photoproduction of Light Mesons at HERA
  • Hadron Physics at the CELSIUS/WASA Facility
  • The Generalised GDH Sum Rule

DG/G at Compass

  • Relativistic Glauber Theory for A(e,e¢p) Reactions
  • Hybrid Mesons in the Flux-Tube Model
  • What Can Lattice QCD Say About Pentaquarks
  • Quantum Weights of Quasi-Particles in QCD at Finite Temperature
  • Vacuum Condensates of Dimension Two in Pure Gluodynamics
  • Matching Regge Theory to the Operator Product Expansion (OPE)

The Structure and Dynamics of Hadrons

  • Strangeness Production in a Coupled Channels Framework
  • Nucleon Properties in the Perturbative Chiral Quark Model
  • Gauge-Invariance in Hadronic Scattering Processes
  • Baryon Observables in a Covariant Faddeev Approach
  • Direct Observation of pp-Scattering in pXe-Interactions
  • Capability Computing for Computational Hadron Physics

Computational Lattice Hadron Physics

  • Finite-Size Effects in Lattice QCD with Dynamical Wilson Fermions
  • N ® D Transition in Lattice QCD
  • Dynamical Overlap
  • Recent Overlap Results
  • Generalized Parton Distributions from Lattice QCD
  • Mass Storage Capacity for Computational Hadron Physics

Generalized Parton Distributions

  • Non-Perturbative versus Perturbative Effects in Generalised Parton Distributions
  • Neutron Spin Structure Measurements in JLab Hall A
  • Simulation of the DVCS-TOF Detector for COMPASS
  • The ALICE Transition Radiation Detector Readout Electronics
  • A Fibre Tracker for the HERMES Recoil Detector
  • Silicon Detector in HERMES
  • Track Reconstruction for the HERMES Recoil Detector
  • Test Beams Used in the HERMES Recoil Detector Project


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Hadron Physics
edited by I.J. Douglas MacGregor
2006 • 496 pages • $158.95 + shipping
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