Hair Care Formulations from C.H.I.P.S.

Hair Care
From Physiology to Formulation

This compilation of technical articles and formulations is a must-have reference for chemists in the hair care industry. It covers everything the chemist needs to know about hair science and structure.

Topics include:

  • Physiology
  • Shampoo and conditioning
  • Ethnic hair care
  • Styling
  • Color
  • Fragrance
  • Sun protection
  • Formulation
  • Testing
  • and more!


Part I: Overview

  1. Hair Care Rides the Curl
  2. Happier Days for Hair Care?
  3. Extending the Hair Care Line with Fragrance

Part II: Ethnic

  1. Global Hair Care Report: a Feel for Innovation
  2. Debunking Ethnic Hair Care Myths
  3. Maintaining Ethnic Hair Care Leverage: an Interview with Patrick Obukowho
  4. Meeting the Needs of African Hair Care: an Interview with Chuck Warren
  5. Paradigm Shift for India’s Hair Care
  6. Asian Hair: Its Properties, Physiology, Protection and the Market for Asian Hair Care
  7. Ethnic Hair and Disorders of the Scalp

Part III: Physiology

  1. Inside the Hair: an Advanced Hair Biology Model
  2. Approaches to and Characterization of Hair Growth

Part IV: Shampoo

  1. Shampoo Formulation: The Basics
  2. New Technology for Shampoos and Conditioners: Between the Shock Waves
  3. Working Up a Lather
  4. Deposition from Conditioning Shampoo: Optimizing Coacervate Formation
  5. Advances in Polymers for Hair Conditioning Shampoos
  6. Efficacy of Coal Tar vs. Sodium Shale Oil Sulfonate for Treating Dandruff
  7. Esters from Vegetable Sources with Care Effects for Hair
  8. Silicone Technologies as Delivery Systems via Physical Associations
  9. Performance and Sensorial Benefits of Cationic Guar in Hair Care Applications

Part V: Condition

  1. Formulating Hair Conditioners: Hope and Hype!
  2. Silicones for Hair Strengthening
  3. Anionic/Cationic Complexes
  4. Anionic Organosilicones: Complexing Agents for Quaternary Compounds
  5. Silicone Quaternary Microemulsion: a Multifunctional Product for Hair Care
  6. Using Polyquaternium-64 to Condition Damaged Hair
  7. Quaternium-91: a New, Multifunctional Hair Conditioning Ingredient

Part VI: Styling

  1. Innovations in Hair Styling Technology
  2. Advances in Polymers for Hair Styling
  3. Silicone Amino Elastomer Emulsion for Conditioning and Styling Performance
  4. Designing Emulsions for Relaxer Actives
  5. Styling Polymers in Mousses
  6. Evaluating Polyimide-1, a Styling Resin for Gel and Mousse Formulations
  7. Antichaotropic Salts for Stabilizing Cysteine in Permanent Waving Solutions
  8. Refractive Index Matching: Principles and Cosmetic Applications
  9. A New Dimension in Hair Styling: VP/Methacrylamide/Vinyl Imidazole Copolymer

Part VII: Color

  1. Dyeing to Get it Right
  2. Forever Young—Antiaging Hair Care: an Interview with Beth Johnson
  3. A Controllable Progressive Hair Dye Process
  4. Advances in Polymers for Hair Coloring
  5. Multilayer Lamella Vesicles in Oxidative Dye Formulations: Characterization and Performance

Part VIII: Sun Protection

  1. Using Natural Keratin Biopolymers to Protect the Hair
  2. Protecting Against UV-Induced Degradation and Enhancing Shine
  3. Polyamide 2: an Innovative Photoprotection Polymer for Hair Care

Part IX: Testing

  1. Texture Analysis to Formulate Hair Care Products and Select Packaging
  2. Torsional Behavior of Human Hair by Single Fiber Torsion Pendulum Method
  3. In Vivo Quantitative Evaluation of Gloss
  4. Effect of New Regulations on Hair Coloring Products in the EU
  5. Using Texture Analysis to Substantiate Hair Care Claims
  6. Recent Polymer Technologies for Hair Care

Part X: Directory

  1. Hair Care Formulary


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From Physiology to Formulation
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