Shock and Vibration Reference Guide
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Harris' Shock and Vibration Handbook
5th Edition by Cyril Harris and Allan Piersol

This book logically covers three major subject areas:

  • Basic Theory of Shock and Vibration
  • Measurement, Testing, Design, and Control Methodologies
  • Practical Applications of Theory

Harris' Shock and Vibration Handbook, 5th Edition has been completely revised to provide coverage of critical topics such as:

  • Application of computers to shock and vibration problems
  • Recent advances in the analysis of vibration data
  • Use of composite materials
  • High-intensity sound-induced vibration
  • Protection against injuries from shock and vibration
  • Design of equipment for shock and vibration environments
  • And much more!

Invaluable to engineers specializing in mechanical, aeronautical, acoustical, civil, electrical and transportation engineering Harris' Shock and Vibration Handbook, 5th Edition is a useful guide to the solution of shock and vibration problems.


  1. Introduction to the Handbook
  2. Basic Vibration Theory
  3. Vibration of a Resiliently Supported Rigid Body
  4. Nonlinear Vibration
  5. Self-Excited Vibration
  6. Dynamic Vibration Absorbers and Auxiliary Mass Dampers
  7. Vibration of Systems Having Distributed Mass and Elasticity
  8. Transient Response to Step and Pulse Functions
  9. Effect of Impact on Structures
  10. Mechanical Impedance
  11. Statistical Methods for Analyzing Vibrating Systems
  12. Vibration Transducers
  13. Vibration Measurement Instrumentation
  14. Vibration Analyzers and Their Use
  15. Measurement Techniques
  16. Condition Monitoring of Machinery
  17. Strain-Gage Instrumentation
  18. Calibration of Pickups
  19. Shock and Vibration Standards
  20. Test Criteria and Specifications
  21. Experimental Modal Analysis
  22. Concepts in Vibration Data Analysis
  23. Concepts in Shock Data Analysis
  24. Vibration of Structures Induced by Ground Motion
  25. Vibration Testing Machines
  26. Part I: Shock Testing Machines
    Part II: Pyroshock Testing
  27. Application of Digital Computers
  28. Part I: Matrix Methods of Analysis
    Part II: Finite Element Models
  29. Part I: Vibration of Structures Induced by Fluid Flow
    Part II: Vibration of Structures Induced by Wind
    Part III: Vibration of Structures Induced by Sound
  30. Theory of Vibration Isolation
  31. Theory of Shock Isolation
  32. Shock and Vibration Isolators and Isolation Systems
  33. Mechanical Properties of Rubber
  34. Engineering Properties of Metals
  35. Engineering Properties of Composites
  36. Material Damping and Slip Damping
  37. Applied Damping Treatments
  38. Torsional Vibration in Reciprocating and Rotating Machines
  39. Part I: Balancing of Rotating Machinery
    Part II: Shaft Misalignment of Rotating Machinery
  40. Machine-Tool Vibration
  41. Equipment Design
  42. Effects of Shock and Vibration on Humans


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Harris' Shock and Vibration Handbook
5th Edition by Cyril Harris and Allan Piersol
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