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Handbook of Cell-Penetrating Peptides
Second Edition
by Ulo Langel

Handbook of Cell-Penetrating Peptides summarizes the current state of the field including recent reevaluations of earlier studies of CPP mechanisms.


  • Provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive overview of cell penetrating peptides
  • Offers the most recent research in uptake mechanisms and their application to future drug delivery systems
  • Demonstrates how various cargo types can be efficiently transported intracellularly by their attachment to CPPs
  • Includes novel technology for the prediction of CPPs by the application of descriptors of individual amino acids
  • Emphasizes uniformity of method, standards, and practice in the research laboratory


  1. Classes and Prediction of Cell-Penetrating Peptides
  2. Penetratins
  3. Tat-Derived Cell-Penetrating Peptides: Discovery, Mechanism of Cell Uptake, and Applications to the Delivery of Oligonucleotides
  4. Model Amphipathic Peptides
  5. Cell-Penetrating cis-g-Amino-L-Proline Derived Peptides
  6. Prediction of Cell-Penetrating Peptides
  7. Inverted Lipid Models: A Pathway for Peptide Internalization? G. Chassaing
  8. Interactions of Cell-Penetrating Peptides with Model Membranes
  9. The Import Mechanism of Cationic Cell-Penetrating Peptides and Its Implications for the Delivery of Peptide Inhibitors of Signal Transduction
  10. Mechanisms of Cargo Delivery by Transportans
  11. Tat-Mediated Peptide/Protein Transduction In Vivo
  12. Proteoglycans as Endocytosis Receptors for CPPs
  13. Cell Permeable Peptides and Messenger Proteins, from a Serendipitous Observation to a New Signaling Mechanism
  14. Pharmacology and In Vivo Efficacy of Pepducins in Hemostasis and Arterial Thrombosis
  15. HOXB4 Homeoprotein Transfer Promotes the Expansion of Hematopoietic Stem Cells
  16. Applications of Cell-Penetrating Peptides as Signal Transduction Modulators
  17. SynB Vectors as Drug Carriers
  18. Peptide Conjugates of Oligonucleotide Analogues and siRNA for Gene Expression Modulation
  19. Lego-Like Strategy for Assembling Multivalent Peptide-Based Vehicles Able to Deliver Molecular Cargoes into Cells
  20. Mechanistic Insights into Guanidinium-Rich Transporters Entering Cells
  21. Cell-Penetrating Short Interfering RNAs and Decoy Oligonucleotides
  22. A Noncovalent Peptide-Based Strategy for Peptide and Short Interfering RNA Delivery
  23. Selective Delivery to Vascular Addresses: In Vivo Applications of Cell-Type-Specific Cell-Penetrating Peptides
  24. In Vivo Applications of Cell-Penetrating Peptides
  25. Intracellular Delivery of Nanoparticles with CPPs
  26. Strategies to Incorporate CPPs into Synthetic Viruses for Tumor-Targeted Gene Therapy
  27. Cell-Permeable Penta-Peptides Derived from Bax-Inhibiting Peptide
  28. Cellular Uptake of Liposomal and Micellar Carriers Mediated by ApoE-Derived Peptides
  29. Imaging the Influx of Cell-Penetrating Peptides into the Cytosol of Individual Live Cells n
  30. Microbial Membrane-Penetrating Peptides and Their Applications
  31. Design and Synthesis of Cell-Penetrating Peptides
  32. Toxicity Methods for Cell-Penetrating Peptides
  33. Methods to Study the Translocation of Cell-Penetrating Peptides


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Handbook of Cell-Penetrating Peptides
Second Edition
by Ulo Langel

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