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Handbook of Combinatorial Chemistry
Two Volume Set
edited by K.C. Nicolaou

Since its very beginning, research in this field has continued to develop at a rapid rate. Increasingly elegant methods are being invented and an even wider range of possible applications is still being discovered, such that combinatorial chemistry is now an integral part of industrial and academic research.

This two volume work deals with synthetic chemistry in all its forms, applications from life sciences, chemistry and material sciences, all there is to know about compound library design and synthesis, and, of course, the general basics.

Handbook of Combinatorial Chemistry is an indispensable reference for synthetic, organic and medicinal chemists, chemical biologists as well as material scientists.

Volume One Contents

  1. General Aspects

    • Combinatorial Chemistry in Perspective
    • Introduction to Combinatorial Chemistry
    • Solid Phase and Soluble Polymers for Combinatorial Synthesis
    • Linkers for Solid-phase Synthesis
    • Encoding Technologies
    • Instrumentation for Combinatorial Chemistry

  2. Synthetic Chemistry

    • Radical Reactions in Combinatorial Chemistry
    • Nucleophilic Substitution in Combinatorial and Solid-phase Synthesis
    • Electrophillic Substitution in Combinatorial and Solid-phase Synthesis
    • Elimination Chemistry in the Solution- and Solid-phase Synthesis of Combinatorial Libraries
    • Addition to CC Multiple Bonds (Except for CC Bond Formation)
    • Addition to Carbon-Hetero Multiple Bonds
    • Chemistry of the Carbonyl Group
    • Oxidation Except CC Double Bonds
    • Reductions in Combinatorial Synthesis
    • Cycloadditions in Combinatorial and Solid-phase Synthesis
    • Msin Group Organometallics
    • Enolates and Related Species in Combinatorial and Solid-phase Synthesis
    • Solid-phase Palladium Catalysis for High-throughput Organic Synthesis
    • Olefin Metathesis and Related Processes for CC Multiple Bond Formation

Volume Two Contents

  1. Special Synthetic Topics

    • Solid-phase Synthesis of Natural Products and Natural Product-like Libraries
    • Solid-phase Synthesis of Heterocyclic Systems (Heterocycles Containing One Heteroatom)
    • Multicomponent Reactions
    • Strategies for Creating the Diversity of Oligosacchrides

  2. Molecular Design and Combinatorial Compound Libraries

    • Design Criteria
    • Estimation of Physiochemical and ADME Parameters
    • Virtual Compound Libraries and Molecular Modeling
    • Erythropoietin Sensitzer - A Case Study
    • Estimation of Stability and Shelf Life of Compounds, Libraries, and Repositories in Combination with Systematic Discovery of New Rearrangement Pathways

  3. Novel Applications of Combinatorial Chemistry

    • Concepts of Combinatorial Chemistry in Process Development
    • High-throughput Screening Applied to Process Development
    • Combinatorial Methods in Catalysis
    • Diversity-Based Identification of Efficient Homochiral Organometallic Catalysis for Enantioselective Synthesis
    • Combinatorial Aspects of Material Science
    • Reprogramming Combinatorial Biology for Combinatorial Chemistry


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Handbook of Combinatorial Chemistry
2 Volume Set • edited by K.C. Nicolaou,
R. Hanko and W. Hartwig

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