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Handbook of Detergents: Properties

edited by Guy Broze

Handbook of Detergents: Properties describes the fundamental properties and consequent behavior of the components present in finished detergent-based products as well as the potential interactions between components and their synergistic effects—before, during, and after use.

Presents basic physicochemical concepts and relevant understanding of the properties and mechanisms of actions of the entire spectrum of detergent formulation components—covering the production, formulation, marketing, consumption, and disposal of innovative, safer, and more effective detergent products!

Emphasizing the beneficial connections occurring between well-chosen ingredients interactions and their quantification to deliver superior performance with a minimum amount of active ingredients, Handbook of Detergents: Properties examines:

  • Reducing product cost by controlling experiments of formula properties and, how they interact and act, at relevant interfaces
  • The effects and test methodologies of measuring, of detergents on skin
  • The major and minor ingredients in detergents, including surfactants, builders, bleaching agents, polymers, fragrances, colorants, disinfectants, and preservatives
  • Minimizing the ecological impact of organic and inorganic materials released into the environment
  • And more!

Containing over 2,100 key literature references and lavishly illustrated with more than 850 detailed drawings, photographs, tables, and equations, Handbook of Detergents: Properties serves as the premiere, on-the-job reference for all environmental and surfactant scientists and engineers.


  1. Detergents: Technical and Practical Challenges
  2. Surfactants: Classification
  3. Surface Activity
  4. Surfactant Solubility
  5. Anionic–Cationic Surfactant Mixtures
  6. Polymer–Surfactant Interactions: Their Behavior at the Solid–Liquid Interface
  7. Emulsions
  8. Microemulsions
  9. Equilibrium and Dynamics of Surfactant Adsorption Monolayers and Thin Liquid Films
  10. Foam in Consumer Products
  11. Surfactant Interactions with Skin
  12. Models for Studying Surfactant Interactions with the Skin
  13. Properties of Builders: Nonphosphate Builders
  14. Polymers in Detergents
  15. Oxygen Bleaches
  16. Hypochlorite Bleach
  17. Applications of Hypochlorite
  18. Detergent Enzymes: A Challenge!
  19. Perfumes in Detergents
  20. The Use of Colorants in Soaps and Detergents
  21. Disinfection and Preservation in Detergents
  22. Rheological Modifiers for Aqueous Solutions

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Handbook of Detergents: Properties
edited by Guy Broze
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