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Handbook of Dietary Fiber in Human Nutrition
Third Edition
edited by Gene A. Spiller

Handbook of Dietary Fiber in Human Nutrition, Third Edition explores the chemistry, analytical methodologies, physiological and biochemical aspects, clinical and epidemiological studies, and consumption patterns of dietary fiber.

Featuring new chapters and tables, in addition to updated sections, the third edition of this popular book includes important information that has become available since the publication of the second edition.

What's new in the Third Edition?

  • Definitions and consumption of dietary fiber from 1992-2000
  • A new chapter on the physical chemistry of dietary fiber
  • Updated dietary fiber values for common foods
  • New table: Tartaric Acid Content of Foods
  • Coverage of non-plant food fibers, such as chitin and chitosan
  • An entire section devoted to the effect of whole grains, cereal fiber, and phytic acid on health
  • Discussion of the interaction of fiber and phytochemicals

Quickly retrieve and understand current data with the book's concise, easy-to-read tables and definitions. Covering all aspects of dietary fiber, including chemistry and definitions, analytical procedures, and basic physiological functions, the Handbook of Dietary Fiber in Human Nutrition provides you with a unique collection of dietary fiber information unlike that found in any other book.


  1. Overview

    1. Dietary Fiber: From Early Hunter-Gatherers to the 1990s

  2. Definitions and Properties of Dietary Fiber

    1. Definitions of Dietary Fiber
    2. Dietary Fiber Parts of Food Plants and Algae
    3. Food Components that Behave as Dietary Fiber
    4. Food Components Associated with Dietary Fiber
    5. Polysaccharide Food Additives that Contribute to Dietary Fiber
    6. Glossary of Dietary Fiber Components
    7. Physical Chemistry of Dietary Fiber
    8. Chitin and Chitosan - Special Class of Dietary Fiber

  3. Methods of Analysis for Dietary Fiber

    1. Enzymatic Gravimetric Methods
    2. Detergent Analysis of Foods
    3. Dietary Fiber as Non-Starch Polysaccharides (NSP)
    4. The Southgate Method of Dietary Fiber Analysis
    5. Determination of Total Dietary Fiber and Its Individual Components by the Uppsala Method
    6. The Crude Fiber Method
    7. Newer Methods for Phytate Analysis
    8. Determination of the Saponin Content of Foods

  4. Physiological and Metabolic Effects of Dietary Fiber

    1. Effect of Dietary Fiber on Protein Digestibility and Utilization
    2. Effects of Dietary Fiber and Phytate on Homeostasis and Bioavailability of Minerals
    3. Effects of Dietary Fiber on Vitamin Metabolism
    4. The Effect of Dietary Fiber on Fecal Weight and Composition)
    5. Correlations of Transit Time to a Critical Fecal Weight (CFW) and to Substances Associated with Dietary Fiber
    6. Influences of Fiber on the Ecology of the Intestinal Flora
    7. Interaction between Human Gut Bacteria and Dietary Fiber Substrates
    8. Effects of Dietary Fiber on Digestive Enzymes
    9. The Source of Dietary Fiber Influences, Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production and Concentrations in the Large Bowel
    10. Effects of Dietary Fiber on Fecal and Intestinal Luminal Mutagens
    11. Effect of Dietary Fiber and Foods on Carbohydrate Metabolism

  5. Dietary Fiber in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease

    1. Disease Patterns in South Africa as Related to Dietary Fiber
    2. Development of the Dietary Fiber Hypothesis of Diabetes Mellitus
    3. Treatment of Diabetes with High Fiber Diets
    4. Fiber in the Treatment of Hyperlipidemia
    5. Human Studies on Dietary Fiber and Colon Neoplasia
    6. Fiber and Colonic Diverticulosis
    7. Fiber and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
    8. Disease Patterns in Japan and Changes in Dietary Fiber (1930-1980)
    9. Dietary Fiber Modification of Toxin or Carcinogen-Induced Effects on Intestinal and Mammary Tissues

  6. Effect of Whole Grains, Cereal Fiber, and Phytic Acid on Health

    1. Whole Grain, Fiber, and Antioxidants
    2. Whole Grains, Cereal Fiber, and Chronic Diseases: Epidemiologic Evidence
    3. Whole Grains, Cereal Fiber, and Chronic Diseases: Experimental Evidence and Possible
    4. Biologic Mechanisms
    5. Bioavailability of Minerals from Cereals
    6. Phytic Acid and Cancer

  7. Definitions and Consumption

    1. Consumption of Dietary Fiber (1992-2000)
    2. Patterns of Dietary Fiber Consumption in Humans (to 1992)
    3. Dietary Fiber, Non-Starch Polysaccharide and Resistant Starch Intakes in Australia
    4. Consumption of Dietary Fiber-Rich Foods in China
    5. Consumption of Dietary Fiber in France (1950-1981)
    6. Fiber Consumption in Italy


Tables of Dietary Fiber and Associated Substances Content in Food


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Handbook of Dietary Fiber in Human Nutrition
Third Edition
edited by Gene A. Spiller

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