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Handbook of Drug-Nutrient Interactions
edited by Joseph I. Boullata

Handbook of Drug-Nutrient Interactions, Second edition is an essential new work that provides a scientific look behind many drug-nutrient interactions, examines their relevance, offers recommendations, and suggests research questions to be explored.

In the five years since publication of the first edition of the Handbook of Drug-Nutrient Interactions new perspectives have emerged and new data have been generated on the subject matter. Providing both the scientific basis and clinical relevance with appropriate recommendations for many interactions, this book is significant for clinicians and researchers alike.

For clinicians in particular, the book offers a guide for understanding, identifying or predicting, and ultimately preventing or managing drug-nutrient interactions to optimize patient care. Divided into six sections, all chapters have been revised or are new to this edition. Chapters balance the most technical information with practical discussions and include outlines that reflect the content; discussion questions that can guide the reader to the critical areas covered in each chapter, complete definitions of terms with the abbreviation fully defined and consistent use of terms between chapters.

Handbook of Drug-Nutrient Interactions, Second edition is a comprehensive up-to-date text for the total management of patients on drug and/or nutrition therapy but also an insight into the recent developments in drug-nutrition interactions which will act as a reliable reference for clinicians and students for many years to come.


Part I: Approaching Drug-Nutrient Interactions

  1. An Introduction to Drug–Nutrient Interactions
  2. Drug Disposition and Response
  3. Drug Transporters
  4. Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes
  5. Nutrient Disposition and Response

Part II: Influence of Nutrition Status on Drug Disposition and Effect

  1. Influence of Protein-Calorie Malnutrition on Medication
  2. Influence of Overweight and Obesity on Medication

Part III: Influence of Food, Nutrients, or Supplementation on Drug Disposition and Effect

  1. Drug Absorption with Food
  2. Effects of Specific Foods and Dietary Components on Drug Metabolism
  3. Grapefruit and Other Fruit Juices Interactions with Medicines
  4. Positive Drug–Nutrient Interactions
  5. Interaction of Natural Products with Medication and Nutrients
  6. Drug–Nutrient Interactions in Patients Receiving Enteral Nutrition
  7. Drug–Nutrient Interactions in Patients Receiving Parenteral Nutritio

Part IV: Influence of Medication on Nutrition Status, Nutrient Disposition, and Effect

  1. Drug-Induced Changes to Nutritional Status
  2. Influence of Cardiovascular Medication on Nutritional Status
  3. Influence of Neurological Medication on Nutritional Status
  4. Drug–Nutrient Interactions Involving Folate
  5. Drug–Nutrient Interactions That Impact on Mineral Status

Part V: Drug-Nutrient Interactions by Life Stage

  1. Drug–Nutrient Interactions in Infancy and Childhood
  2. Drug–Nutrient Interaction Considerations in Pregnancy and Lactation
  3. Drug–Nutrient Interactions in the Elderly

Part VI: Drug-Nutrient Interactions in Specific Conditions

  1. Drug–Nutrient Interactions and Immune Function
  2. Drug–Nutrient Interactions in Patients with Cancer
  3. Drug–Nutrient Interactions in Transplantation
  4. Drug–Nutrient Interactions in Patients with Chronic Infections


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Handbook of Drug-Nutrient Interactions
edited by Joseph I. Boullata
2010 • 820 pages • $198.00 + shipping
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