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Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing
2-Volume Set
Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing
Volume One
Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing
Volume Two
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Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing
2-Volume Set
edited by Y.H. Hui

The Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing is a definitive master reference, providing an overview of food manufacturing in general, and then covering the processing and manufacturing of more than 100 of the most common food products.

With editors and contributors from 24 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia, this guide provides international expertise and a truly global perspective on food manufacturing.


Volume One: Principles, Bakery, Beverages, Cereals, Cheese, Confectionary, Fats, Fruits, and Functional Foods

Part A: Food Manufacturing—Background

Section I: Principles and Establishments Classification

  1. Fundamentals of Food Manufacturing
  2. Fermented Products and Their Manufacture
  3. Food Manufacturing in the United States: Standard Industrial Classification

Section II: Flavors: Food Processing, Product Developments, and Recent Advances

  1. Food Flavorings: Principles of Applications
  2. Product Development
  3. Extraction Modes
  4. Distillation and Drying
  5. Genetic Engineering
  6. Flavor Compounds Produced by Fungi, Yeasts, and Bacteria
  7. Flavor Production by Solid and Liquid Fermentation
  8. Herbs, Spices, and Essential Oils

Section III: Food Sanitation and Establishment Inspection

  1. FDA GMPs, HACCP, and the Food Code
  2. Food Establishment Inspection

Part B: Food Products Manufacturing

Section IV: Bakery Products

  1. Manufacturing of Bread and Bakery Products
  2. Muffins and Bagels
  3. Fundamentals of Cakes: Ingredients and Production
  4. Traditional Italian Products from Wheat and Other Starchy Flours
  5. Flavor Migration in Solid Food Matrices

Section V: Beverages

  1. Carbonated Beverages
  2. The Beer Brewing Process: Wort Production and Beer Fermentation
  3. Manufacture of Whisky

Section VI: Cereals: Rice and Noodles

  1. Rice-Based Products
  2. Asian (Oriental) Noodles and Their Manufacture

Section VII: Cheeses

  1. Cheddar and Related Hard Cheeses
  2. Pasteurized Process and Related Cheeses
  3. Cottage Cheese
  4. Cheese Varieties Made by Direct Acidification of Hot Milk
  5. Cream Cheese as an Acidified Protein-Stabilized Emulsion Gel

Section VIII: Confectionery

  1. Chocolate and Cocoa
  2. Confectionery: Inspection and Enforcement

Section IX: Fats and Oils

  1. Margarine and Dairy Spreads: Processing and Technology
  2. Cream Products
  3. Influence of Processing on Virgin Olive Oil Quality

Section X: Fruits and Fruit Juices

  1. Apple: Production, Chemistry, and Processing
  2. Strawberries and Blueberries: Phytonutrients and Products
  3. Major Tropical Fruits and Products: Banana, Mango, and Pineapple
  4. Fruit Juices
  5. Dried Banana
  6. Fresh-Cut Fruits

Section XI: Functional Foods

  1. Functional Foods and Ingredients
  2. Functional Foods: International Considerations
  3. Functional Foods Based on Dairy Ingredients
  4. Functional Properties of Milk Constituents
  5. Functional Foods Based on Meat Products
  6. Gluten-Free Cereal Products as a Functional Food

Volume 1 Index
Cumulative Index

Volume Two: Health, Meat, Milk, Poultry, Seafood, and Vegetables

Part B: Food Products Manufacturing (cont'd)

Section XII: Health Ingredients and Health Products Development for Preventing or Treating Human Diseases

  1. Bioactive Peptides from Food Proteins
  2. Lipid-Soluble Vitamins: Nutritional and Functional Aspects
  3. Phytochemicals in Mediterranean Diet: The Interaction Between Tomato and Olive Oil Bioactive Compounds
  4. Functional Microbes: Technology for Health Foods
  5. Enterococci and Dairy Products
  6. Fermented Milk: Health Benefits Beyond Probiotic Effect
  7. Application of Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals in Allergic Disorders: Principles and Potential
  8. Functional Foods, Herbs, and Aging
  9. Functional Foods and Gastrointestinal Disorders
  10. Herbs in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus with an Emphasis on Ginseng
  11. Functional Foods and Minerals: Calcium

Section XIII: Meat and Meat Products

  1. Thermal Processing
  2. Ham
  3. Sausages
  4. Fermented Meat Production
  5. Processed Pork Meat Flavors
  6. Sensory Quality of Meat Products

Section XIV: Milk and Milk Products

  1. Processing Quality Fluid Milk Products
  2. Milk Composition, Physical and Processing Characteristics
  3. Genetics and Milk Production
  4. Flavored Milks
  5. Fermented Milks Popular in Europe and North America
  6. Fermented Milk in Asia
  7. Goat Milk, Its Products and Nutrition
  8. Bioactive Peptides in Dairy Products
  9. Science and Technology of Sour Cream
  10. Dairy Protein Hydrolysates
  11. The Manufacture and Applications of Casein-Derived Ingredients
  12. Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts
  13. Frozen Novelties
  14. Yogurt
  15. Infant Formulas
  16. Biochemical Processes in the Production of Flavor in Milk and Milk Products

Section XV: Poultry Products

  1. Poultry Marination
  2. Poultry Sausages
  3. Flavor of Fresh and Frozen Poultry
  4. Edible Packaging for Poultry and Poultry Products

Section XVI: Seafood

  1. Frozen Seafood Products Description
  2. Processing Frozen Seafoods
  3. Shellfish Freezing
  4. Processing Formulated Fish and Fish Products
  5. Flavorants from Seafood Byproducts
  6. Seafood Processing: Basic Sanitation Practices
  7. Sustainable Intensive Aquaculture

Section XVII: Vegetable Products

  1. Frozen Vegetables and Product Descriptions
  2. Frozen Avocados
  3. Frozen French Fried Potatoes and Quality Assurance
  4. Paprika Production: Current Processing Techniques and Emerging Technologies
  5. Pickles Manufacturing in the United States: Quality Assurance and Establishment Inspection
  6. Soymilk and Tofu Manufacturing
  7. Tomato Processing
  8. Dried Tomato

Volume 2 Index
Cumulative Index

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Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing
2-Volume Set
edited by Y.H. Hui

2007 • 2,352 pages • $529.95 + shipping

Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing
Volume 1: Principles, Bakery, Beverages, Cereals, Cheese, Confectionary, Fats, Fruits, and Functional Foods
edited by Y.H. Hui
2007 • 1,131 pages • $297.95 + shipping

Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing
Volume 2: Health, Meat, Milk, Poultry, Seafood, and Vegetables
edited by Y.H. Hui
2007 • 1,221 pages • $297.95 + shipping

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