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Handbook of Heat Transfer
Third edition
by Warren M. Rohsenow

Handbook of Heat Transfer includes the latest advances in the field, as well as covering subjects from microscale heat transfer to thermophysical properties of new refrigerants.

Handbook of Heat Transfer provides full information on all heat transfer principles with special coverage of microscale heat transfer, heat transfer in materials processing, new heat transfer augmentation techniques, thermophysical properties of new refrigerants, innovative heat exchanger methods.


1. Basic Concepts of Heat Transfer

  • Heat Transfer Mechanisms
  • Conservation Equations
  • Dimensionless Groups and Similarity in Heat Transfer
  • Units and Conversion Factors
  • Nomenclature
2. Thermophysical Properties

  • Conversion Factors
  • Thermophysical Properties of Gases
  • Thermophysical Properties of Liquids
  • Thermophysical Properties of Solids
  • Thermophysical Properties of Saturated Refrigerants
3. Conduction and Thermal Contact Resistances

  • Basic Equations, Definitions, and Relationships
  • Transient Conduction
  • Spreading Resistance
  • Contact, Gap, and Joint Resistances and Contact Conductances
4. Natural Convection

  • Basics
  • External Natural Convection
  • Open Cavity Problems
  • Natural Convection Within Enclosures
  • Transient Natural Convection
  • Natural Convection with Internal Generation
  • Convection in Porous Media
  • Mixed Convection
5. Forced Convection, Internal Flow in Ducts

  • Circular Ducts
  • Concentric Annular Ducts
  • Parallel Plate Ducts
  • Rectangular Ducts
  • Triangular Ducts
  • Elliptical Ducts
  • Curved Ducts and Helicoidal Pipes
  • Longitudinal Flow Between Cylinders
  • Internally Finned Tubes
  • Other Singly Connected Ducts
  • Other Doubly Connected Ducts
6. Force Convection, External Flows

  • Two-Dimenisional Laminar Boundary Layer
  • Two-Dimenisional Turbulent Boundary Layer
  • Transitional Boundary Layer
7. Radiation

  • Radiative Exchange
  • Radiative Exchange with a Participating Medium
  • Radiative Properties for Participating Media
  • Combined Modes with Radiation
8. Microscale Transport Phenomena

  • Time and Length Scales
  • Kinetic Theory
  • Boltzmann Transport Theory
  • Nonequilibrium Energy Transfer
9. Heat Transfer in Porous Media

  • Single-Phase Flow
  • Two-Phase Flow
  • Phase Change
10. Nonnewtonian Fluids

  • Laminar Nonnewtonian Flow in a Circular Tube
  • Laminar Nonnewtonian Flow in a Rectangular Duct
  • Turbulent Flow of Purely Viscous Fluids in Circular Tubes
  • Turbulent Flow of Viscoelastic Fluids in Circular Tubes
  • Turbulent Flow of Purely Viscous Fluids in Rectangular Ducts
  • Turbulent Flow of Viscoelastic Fluids in Rectangular Ducts
  • Anomalous Behavior of Aqueous Polyacrylic Acid Solutions
11. Techniques to Enhance Heat Transfer

  • Treated and Structured Surfaces
  • Rough Surfaces
  • Extended Surfaces
  • Displaced Enhancement Devices
  • Swirl-Flow Devices
  • Surface-Tension Devices
  • Additives for Liquids
  • Additices for Gases
  • Mechanical Aids
  • Surface Vibration
  • Fluid Vibration
  • Electric and Magnetic Fields
12. Heat Pipes

  • Fundamental Operating Principles
  • Design and Manufacturing Considerations
  • Heat Pipe Thermal Resistance
  • Types of Heat Pipes
13. Heat Transfer in Packed and Fluidized Beds

  • Hydrodynamics
  • Heat Transfer in Packed Beds
  • Heat Transfer in Fluidized Beds
14. Condensation

  • Film Condensation on a Vertical Plate
  • Film Condensation on Horizontal Smooth Tubes
  • Film Condesation on Horizontal Finned Tubes
  • Other Body Shapes
  • Condensation with Rotation
  • Zero Gravity
  • In-Tube Condensation
  • Direct Contact Condensation
  • Condensation of Mixtures
15. Boiling

  • Phase Equilibrium
  • Nucleation and Bubble Growth
  • Pool Boiling
  • Cross Flow Boiling
  • Forced Convective Boiling in Channels
  • Thin Film Heat Transfer
16. Measurement of Temperature and Heat Transfer

  • Temperature Measurement
  • Heat Flux Measurement
  • Measurement by Analogy
17. Heat Exchangers

  • Classification of Heat Exchangers
  • Exchanger Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Analysis
  • Single-Phase Surface Basic Heat Transfer and Flow Friction Characteristics
  • Two-Phase Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Correlations
  • Thermal Design for Single-Phase Heat Exchangers
  • Thermal Design for Two-Phase Heat Exchangers
  • Flow-Induced Vibration
  • Flow Maldistribution
  • Fouling and Corrosion
18. Heat Transfer in Materials Processing

  • Heat Transfer Fundamentals Relevant to Materials Processing
  • System-Level Thermal Phenomena

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Handbook of Heat Transfer
Third edition
by Warren M. Rohsenow

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