Industrial Mixing Handbook from C.H.I.P.S.

Handbook of Industrial Mixing Science and Practice
Includes CD-ROM
edited by Edward Paul

Offers practical insights from the leading professionals in the field!

While process objectives are critical to the successful manufacturing of a product, if the mixing scale-up fails to produce the required results, the costs of manufacturing can increase significantly. Although there are several industrial operations in which mixing requirements are readily scaled up from established correlations, many operations require a more thorough evaluation.

Handbook of Industrial Mixing presents the latest methods for recognizing these more complex operations and offers alternative mixing designs for critical applications. The core mixing design topics discussed are:

  • Homogeneous blending in tanks and in-line mixers
  • Dispersion of gases in liquids with subsequent mass transfer
  • Suspension and distribution of solids in liquids
  • Liquid-liquid dispersions
  • Heat transfer
  • Reactions, both homogeneous and heterogeneous

Along with focusing on industrial design and the operation of mixing equipment, the Handbook of Industrial Mixing contains summaries of the foundations on which these applications are based. In order to accomplish this, most chapters are written by both an industrialist and an academic.

Intended for the practicing engineer who needs to both identify and solve mixing problems, this book also provides concise discussions on theoretical background and uses many illustrative examples when covering applications, and it includes a CD-ROM that contains over fifty video clips and animations of mixing processes. These clips are accompanied by explanatory text.


  1. Residence Time Distributons
  2. Turbulence in Mixing Applications
  3. Laminar Mixing: A Dynamical Systems Approach
  4. Experimental Methods
  5. Computational Fluid Mixing
  6. Mechanically Stirred Vessels
  7. Mixing in Pipelines
  8. Rotor-Stator Mixing Devices
  9. Blending of Miscible Liquids
  10. Solid-Liquid Mixing
  11. Gas-Liquid Mixing in Turbulent Systems
  12. Immiscible Liquid-Liquid Systems
  13. Mixing and Chemical Reactions
  14. Heat Transfer
  15. Solids Mixing
  16. Mixing of Highly Viscous Fluids, Polymers, and Pastes
  17. Mixing in the Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Industries
  18. Mixing in the Fermentation and Cell Culture Industries
  19. Fluid Mixing Technology in the Petroleum Industry
  20. Mixing in the Pulp and Paper Industry
  21. Mechanical Design of Mixing Equipment
  22. Role of the Mixing Equipment Supplier


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Handbook of Industrial Mixing
Science and Practice w/ CD-ROM

edited by Edward Paul
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