International Guide to Food Additive
Chemicals and Materials
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Handbook of Food Additives
Third edition
compiled by
Michael and Irene Ash

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The Handbook of Food Additives - 2nd Edition has been extensively updated and expanded in this new edition. It describes more than 7,000 trade names, and more than 3,500 generic chemicals and materials, available from worldwide manufacturers , that function as direct additives in foods available for consumption.

Food additives are defined here as substances that are:

  1. intentionally added to a food to affect its overall quality or
  2. expected or reasonably expected to become a part of the food as a result of any aspect of production, processing, storage, or packaging

Entries for both trade names and chemicals contain extensive information that comprehensively profiles each product.

This reference is unique in that it functions as a single source for information on both the trade name products and the chemicals that are used as food additives throughout the world. It includes summaries of regulatory information for the United States, Europe, and Japan presented in a tabular format. The products described in this Handbook are cross-referenced in multiple ways:

  • chemical composition
  • function/application
  • CAS number
  • EINECS number
  • FEMA number
  • EU E number
  • US CFR number

  1. Trade Name Reference contains more than 7,000 alphabetical entries of trade name food additive chemicals/materials. Each entry provides information on its manufacturer, chemical composition, CAS, EINECS, and FEMA identifying numbers, general properties, applications and functions, toxicology, compliance, and regulatory information as provided by the manufacturer and other sources.

  2. Chemical Component Cross-Reference contains an alphabetical listing of food chemicals/materials. Each entry includes, wherever possible, its synonyms, CAS number, EINECS number, FEMA number, and E/INS numbers, molecular formula, chemical properties, function and application, toxicology, precautions, usage level, and regulatory information, as well as the manufacturers of the chemicals/materials. The trade name products from Part I that are equivalent to the chemical or contain that chemical compound as the trade name product's major chemical constituent are cross-referenced. Synonyms for these chemical entries are comprehensively cross-referenced back to the main entry.

  3. Functional/Application Cross-Reference is a powerful tool for locating the trade names and generic chemicals/materials based on their combined function and application. By searching on key words such as anticaking agent, texturizer, aerating agent within a food application area such as desserts, health foods, etc., the user is directed to the trade names and/or generic chemicals/materials that have that specific function and application.

  4. Manufacturers Directory contains detailed contact information for the more than 2,500 worldwide manufacturers and their branches of trade name products and chemical components that are referenced in this handbook. Wherever possible, telephone, telefax, toll-free numbers, e-mail and internet addresses, and complete mailing addresses are included for each manufacturer.


Handbook of Food Additives CD-ROM
2nd edition

A great desktop reference! The CD contains the information in the book (above) and has the additional interactive features:
  1. Print search results
  2. Extensively Hyperlinked
  3. Click-and-Go Table of Contents
    • A single mouse-click on a topic and it instantly appears
    • Table of contents always tracks where you are
  4. Full-Text Search - Words, Phrases, and Queries
    • Search books, topics, sections, previous results
    • Browse through, print, annotate, copy your results
    • Use advanced searching features
  5. Keyword Index
    • Browse through thousands of indexed entries organized by major categories
    • Print and annotate your results
    • Search as you type - locates your subject entries as you type each letter
  6. Plus
    • View pop-ups of topics before jumping to them
    • Print search and index results, selected topics, and sections
    • Copy mouse-selected data into other applications
    • Control text-size to fit your needs with the Font Magnifier
    • Use bookmark and annotation features
  7. Direct Access to Manufacturers' Websites
    • ...and much more!

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    Handbook of Food Additives
    Second Edition Reference or CD-ROM
    compiled by Michael and Irene Ash

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