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Handbook of Meat Processing
edited by Fidel Toldrá

The Handbook of Meat Processing comprehensively presents the current status of the manufacturing of the most important meat products.

Part One, Technologies begins with discussions on meat chemistry, biochemistry and quality and then provides background information on main technologies involved in the processing of meat, such as freezing, cooking, smoking, fermentation, emulsification, drying and curing. Also included are key chapters on packaging, spoilage prevention and plant cleaning and sanitation.

Part Two, Products is focused on the description of the manufacture of the most important products, including cooked and dry-cured hams, cooked and fermented sausages, bacon, canned meat, paté, restructured meats and functional meat products. Each chapter addresses raw materials, ingredients and additives, processing technology, main types of products, production data, particular characteristics and sensory aspects, and future trends.

Part Three, Controls offers current approaches for the control of the quality and safety of manufactured meat products, with coverage including sensory evaluation; chemical and biological hazards including GMOs; HACCP; and quality assurance.

Key features:

  • Unparalleled international expertise of editor and contributing authors
  • Addresses the state of the art of manufacturing the most important meat products
  • Special focus on approaches to control the safety and quality of processed meats
  • Extensive coverage of production technologies, sanitation, packaging and sensory evaluation


Part I. Technologies

  1. Chemistry and Biochemistry of Meat
  2. Technological Quality of Meat for Processing
  3. Meat Decontamination
  4. Aging/Tenderization Mechanisms
  5. Freezing/Thawing
  6. Curing
  7. Emulsification
  8. Thermal Processing
  9. Fermentation: Microbiology and Biochemistry
  10. Starter Cultures for Meat Fermentation
  11. Drying
  12. Smoking
  13. Meat Packaging
  14. Novel Technologies for Microbial Spoilage Prevention
  15. Plant Cleaning and Sanitation

Part II. Products

  1. Cooked Ham
  2. Cooked Sausages
  3. Bacon
  4. Canned Products and Pâté
  5. Dry-Cured Ham
  6. Mold-Ripened Sausages
  7. Semidry and Dry Fermented Sausages
  8. Restructured Whole-Tissue Meats
  9. Functional Meat Products

Part III. Controls

  1. Physical Sensors for Quality Control during Processing
  2. Sensory Evaluation of Meat Products
  3. Safety Controls: Detection of Chemical Hazards
  4. Microbial Hazards in Foods: Food-Borne Infections and Intoxications
  5. Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in Meat Products by PCR
  6. HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
  7. Quality Assurance


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Handbook of Meat Processing
edited by Fidel Toldrá
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