Handbook of Microemulsion Science and Technology

edited by Promod Kumar
and K. L. Mittal

This up-to-the-minute reference probes theoretical and practical issues surrounding microemulsion science and technology—reviewing the performance of, and prospects for, experimental methods such as X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), light scattering, small angle neutron scattering, viscosimetry, and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to characterize various aspects of the dispersed phase of microemulsions.

Demonstrates methods for overcoming stability issues in paints, wax dispersions, cosmetics, food products, and other industrial applications using microemulsions!

Featuring the work of 51 international experts, the Handbook of Microemulsion Science and Technology

  • discusses theories of, and compares, amphiphilic systems containing small amphiphilic molecules and diblock copolymers
  • analyzes bicontinuous microemulsions in sponge, vesicle, and dilute lamellar phases
  • examines diverse microstructures—spherical or wormlike micelles, swollen micelles, and liposomes—as well as discrete domains such as "droplets" and globules
  • describes the oil–water interface as a duplex film with two tensions at the surface
  • explores microscopic models of micellization and solubilization approached at the molecular level
  • addresses questions of the structure of the (limited swellability) middle-phase microemulsion
  • investigates the traditional view of microemulsions as multicomponent mixtures in thermodynamic equilibrium
  • demonstrates how amphiphilic molecules self-assemble into sheetlike two-dimensional aggregates
  • assesses critical parameters for commonly used supercritical fluids
  • illustrates ionic and nonionic surfactants and surfactant chains in a "liquidlike" state
  • discusses many applications of microemulsions
  • and more!
Containing over 2,800 references and almost 1,000 instructive tables, equations, and illustrations (including many striking freeze-fracture electron micrographs), the Handbook of Microemulsion Science and Technology is an irreplaceable resource for physical, surface, and colloid chemists; cosmetic scientists and technologists; food and pharmaceutical technologists; chemical engineers; and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.


Historical Perspective

Microemulsions—A Historical Overview
Björn Lindman and Stig E. Friberg

Structural Aspects and Characterization of Microemulsions

Thermodynamics of Microemulsions I
Willem K. Kegel, J. Theo G. Overbeek, and Henk N. W. Lekkerkerker
Thermodynamics of Microemulsions II
Eli Ruckenstein
Microscopic Models of Microemulsions
Gerhard Gompper and Michael Schick
Lattice Monte Carlo Simulations of Micellar and Microemulsion Systems
Raj Rajagopalan, L. A. Rodriguez-Guadarrama, and Sameer K. Talsania
Effects of Alcohol Chain Length and Salt on Phase Behavior and Critical Phenomena in SDS Microemulsions
A. M. Bellocq
Aggregation Behavior in One-Phase (Winsor IV) Microemulsion Systems
Shmaryahu Ezrahi, Abraham Aserin, and Nissim Garti
Ionic Microemulsions
Jean-Louis Salager and Raquel E. Antón
Supercritical Microemulsions
Gregory J. McFann and Keith P. Johnston
Characterization of Microemulsions by NMR
Bjórn Lindman, Ulf Olsson, and Olle Sóderman
Rheological Properties of Microemulsions
Michael Gradzielski and Heinz Hoffmann
Light Scattering Studies of Microemulsion Systems
D. Langevin and J. Rouch
Characterization of Microemulsions Using Fast Freeze-Fracture and Cryo-Electron Microscopy
Jayesh R. Bellare, Manoj M. Haridas, and Xiangbing Jason Li
Characterization of Microemulsions by Electrical Birefringence
Zoltan A. Schelly

Reactions in Microemulsions

Organic Reactivity in Microemulsions
Clifford A. Bunton and Laurence S. Romsted
Application of Microemulsions in Enhancing Sensitivity of Reactions in Spectroscopic Analysis
Rong Guo and Xiashi Zhu
Preparation of Ultrafine Particles of Metals and Metal Borides in Microemulsions
Janos B. Nagy
Microemulsion-Mediated Synthesis of Nanosize Oxide Materials
K. Osseo-Asare
Time-Resolved Luminescence Quenching in Microemulsions
Mats Almgren and Holger Mays
Structure and Reactions in Microemulsions Formed in Near-Critical and Supercritical Fluids
John L. Fulton
Electrochemical Studies in Microemulsions
Syed Qutubuddin
Polymerization in Microemulsions
Françoise Candau
Enzymatic Reactions in Microemulsions
Krister Holmberg

Applications of Microemulsions

Applications of Microemulsions in Enhanced Oil Recovery
Vinod Pillai, James R. Kanicky, and Dinesh O. Shah
Microemulsions in Pharmaceuticals
Martin Malmsten
Microemulsions in Cosmetics
Patricia A. Aikens and Stig E. Friberg
Microemulsions in Foods
Sven Engström and Kåre Larsson
Application of Microemulsions as Liquid Membranes
John M. Wiencek
Application of Microemulsions in Textile Cleaning Using Model Detergency Tests
Hans-Dieter Dörfler

Future Prospects

The Future of Microemulsions
Johan Sjöblom and Stig E. Friberg

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Handbook of Microemulsion
Science and Technology

edited by Promod Kumar and K. L. Mittal
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