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Handbook of Neural Engineering
by Metin Akay

Handbook of Neural Engineering provides theoretical foundations in computational neural science and engineering and current applications in wearable and implantable neural sensors/probes.


  • Neural signal and image processing--the analysis and modeling of neural activity and EEG-related activities using the nonlinear and nonstationary analysis methods, including the chaos, fractal, and time-frequency and time-scale analysis methods--and how to measure functional, physiological, and metabolic activities in the human brain using current and emerging medical imaging technologies
  • Neuro-nanotechnology, artificial implants, and neural prosthesis--the design of multi-electrode arrays to study how the neurons of human and animals encode stimuli, the evaluation of functional changes in neural networks after stroke and spinal cord injuries, and improvements in therapeutic applications using neural prostheses
  • Neurorobotics and neural rehabilitation engineering--the recent developments in the areas of biorobotic system, biosonar head, limb kinematics, and robot-assisted activity to improve the treatment of elderly subjects at the hospital and home, as well as the interactions of the neuron chip, neural information processing, perception and neural dynamics, learning memory and behavior, biological neural networks, and neural control


I. Neural Signal and Image Processing and Modeling

  1. Optimal Signal Processing For Brain-machine Interfaces
  2. Modulation of Electrophysiological Activity in Neural Networks: Toward a Bioartificial Living System
  3. Estimation of Posterior Probabilities with Neural Networks: Application to Microcalcification Detection in Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  4. Identification of Central Auditory Processing Disorders by Binaurally Evoked Brainstem Responses
  5. Functional Characterization of Adaptive Visual Encoding
  6. Deconvolution of Overlapping Auditory Brainstem Responses Obtained at High Stimultus Rates
  7. Autonomic Cardiac Modulation at Sinoatrial and Atrioventricular Nodes: Observations and Models
  8. Neural Networks and Time-Frequency Analysis of Surface Electromyographic Signals for Muscle Cerebral Control
  9. Multiresolution Fractal Analysis of Medical Images
  10. Methods For Neural-Network-Based Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Images
  11. High-Resolution EEG and Estimation of Cortical Activity For Brain-Computer Interface Applications
  12. Estimation of Cortical Sources Related to Short-Term Memory in Humans with High-Resolution EEG Recordings and Statistical Probability Mapping
  13. Exploring Semantic Memory Areas by Functional MRI
II. Neuro-Nanotechnology: Artificial Implants and Neural Protheses

  1. Restoration of Movement by Implantable Neural Motor Prostheses
  2. Hybrid Olfactory Biosensor Using Multichannel Electroantennogram: Design and Application
  3. Reconfigurable Retina-Like Preprocessing Platform For Cortical Visual Neuroprostheses
  4. Biomimetic Integration of Neural and Acoustic Signal Processing
  5. Retinal Image and Phosphene Image: An Analogy
  6. Brain-Implantable Biomimetic Electronics as Neural Prostheses to Restore Lost Cognitive Function
  7. Advances in Retinal Neuroprosthetics
  8. Towards a Cultured Neural Probe: Patterning of Networks and Their Electrical Activity
  9. Spike Superposition Resolution in Multichannel Extracellular Neural Recordings: A Novel Approach
  10. Toward a Button-Sized 1024-Site Wireless Cortical Microstimulating Array
  11. Practical Considerations in Retinal Neuroprosthesis Design
III. Neurorobotics and Neural Rehabilation Engineering

  1. Interfacing Neural and Artificial Systems: From Neuroengineering to Neurorobotics
  2. Neurocontroller for Robot Arms Based on Biologically Inspired Visuomotor Coordination Neural Models
  3. Muscle Synergies for Motor Control
  4. Robots with Neural Building Blocks
  5. Decoding Sensory Stimuli From Populations of Neurons: Methods for Long-Term Longitudinal Studies
  6. Model of Mammalian Visual System with Optical Logic Cells
  7. CNS Reorganization During Sensory-Supported Treadmill Training
  8. Independent Component Analysis of Surface EMG For Detection of Single Voluntary Isometic Contraction
  9. Recent Advances in Composite AEP/EEG Indices For Estimating Hypnotic Depth During General Anesthesia
  10. ENG Recording Amplifier Configurations for Tripolar Cuff Electrodes
  11. Cable Equation Model for Myelinated Nerve Fiber
  12. Bayesian Networks for Modeling Cortical Intergration
  13. Normal and Abnormal Auditory Information Processing Revealed by Nonstationary Signal Analysis of EEG
  14. Probing Oscillatory Visual Dynamics at the Perceptual Level
  15. Nonlinear Approaches to Learning and Memory
  16. Single-Trial Analysis of EEG for Enabling Cognitive User Interfaces


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Handbook of Neural Engineering
by Metin Akay
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