Handbook of Plant and Crop Stress

Second Edition
edited by Mohammad Pessarakli

Completely revised and updated to reflect recent advances in the field, the Second Edition of this comprehensive reference addresses issues and concerns related to plant and crop stress—detailing interrelated topics never before combined in a single text.

With 56 chapters—23 more than the First Edition—the Handbook of Plant and Crop Stress, Second Edition includes new information on

  • pH stress
  • water-deficit conditions
  • temperature stress
  • carotenoids and stress
  • light stress
  • oxidative damage to proteins
  • pollution stress
  • UV-B induced stress
  • agrichemical stress
  • abiotic stress tolerance
Written by over 110 renowned scientists, specialists, and researchers in the field from over 25 countries, the Handbook of Plant and Crop Stress, Second Edition
  • discusses soil salinity and sodicity problems and their effects on crop growth
  • covers plants and crops with different degrees of salt tolerance as well as their response to salt, drought, temperature/heat, pollution, agrichemical, and other stresses
  • introduces plants and crops suitable for cultivation under stressful conditions
  • presents the most recent information on cellular and microbiological aspects of plants/crops under stressful conditions
  • explores the beneficial effects of stress on plants and crops
  • and more!

Soil Salinity, Sodicity, Low/High ph, and Soil Nutrient Deficiency Problems

Soil Salinity and Sodicity as Particular Plant/Crop Stress Factors, Mohammad Pessarakli and I. Szabolcs
Influence of Sodium on Soils of Humid Regions, V. P. Evangelou and L. M. McDonald, Jr.
Impact of Soil pH on Nutrient Uptake by Crop Plants, Syed Manzoor Alam, Syed Shamshad Mehdi Naqvi, and Raziuddin Ansari
Plant Adaptation to Phosphorus-Limited Tropical Soils, Idupulapati M. Rao, D. K. Friesen, and M. Osaki

Plants, Crops, and Stressful Conditions

Mechanisms Involved in Salt Tolerance of Plants, Benjamin Jacoby
Plants in Saline Environments, Alexandra Poljakoff-Mayber and H. R. Lerner

Plants and Crops Responses Under Salt, Drought, Heat, Temperature, Light, and Other Stressful Conditions

Germination of Seeds and Propagules Under Salt Stress, Abdul Wahid, Ejaz Rasul, and Altaf-ur-Rehman Rao
Crop Response and Management of Salt-Affected Soils, Leland E. Francois and Eugene V. Maas
Mineral Nutrient Acquisition and Response by Plants Grown in Saline Environments, S. R. Grattan and C. M. Grieve
Plant Response to Water-Deficit Conditions, Flavia Navari-Izzo and Nicoletta Rascio
Constraints by Water Stress on Plant Growth, Francisco I. Pugnaire, Luis Serrano, and José Pardos
Nutrient Uptake by Plants Under Stress Conditions, Syed Manzoor Alam
Photosynthesis Under Stress: Stress Signals and Adaptive Response of Chloroplasts, Basanti Biswal and U. C. Biswal
The Effect of High-Temperature Stress on the Photosynthetic Apparatus, Robert Carpentier
Altered Nitrogen Metabolism Under Environmental Stress Conditions, Etienne Rabe
Protein Synthesis by Plants Under Stressful Conditions, R. S. Dubey
Heat-Shock Proteins and Temperature Stress, Hitoshi Nakamoto and Tetsuo Hiyama
Growth, Respiration Rate, and Efficiency Responses to Temperature Stress, Bruce N. Smith, Angela R. Jones, Lee D. Hansen, and Richard S. Criddle
The Effect of Low Temperatures on the Structure of Plant Cells, Ján Hudák and Jan Salaj
Carotenoids and Stress in Higher Plants and Algae, Nour-Eddine Rmiki, Benoit Schoefs, and Yves Lemoine
Light Stress: Photoinhibition of Photosynthesis in Plants Under Natural Conditions, Da-Quan Xu and Yun-Kang Shen
Photooxidative Stress in Higher Plants, Ivan N. Minkov, Galina T. Jahoubjan, Ilia D. Denev, and Valentina T. Toneva
Photosynthetic Pigment Metabolism in Plants During Stress, Martine Bertrand and Benoit Schoefs
Photoinhibition of Photosystem II in Leaves: Stress, Acclimation, or Regulatory Response?, Christa Critchley, A. Wendy Russell, and Belinda C. Morrison
Oxidative Damage to Proteins in Plants, Julian P. Whitelegge

Plant and Crop Responses Under Pollution Stress

Plant Responses to Air Pollution and Heavy Metal Stresses, Elena Masarovicava, Alojz Cicák, and Igor Stefanik
Effect of Atmospheric Pollution, with Special Reference to Ozone, on Plants Under Normal and Saline Conditions, Raziuddin Ansari, Syed Manzoor Alam, Karen Welware, and Timothy John Flowers

Plant and Crop Responses Under Agrichemical Stress Conditions

Herbicide-Mediated Changes in the Population and Activity of Root-Associated Microorganisms: A Potential Cause of Plant Stress, Asghar Heydari and Iraj J. Misaghi
Photodynamic Herbicides Affecting Structure and Function of the Photosynthetic Apparatus, Agnieszka Mostowska

Molecular Biology and Microbiological Aspects of Plant Responses Under Salt, Drought, and Other Environmental Stress Conditions

Molecular Responses to Water-Deficit Stress in Woody Plants, R. J. Newton, V. Padmanabhan, C. A. Loopstra, and M. A. D. L. Dias
DNA Content, Water Relations, and Environmental Stress in Gymnosperms, R. J. Newton, M. G. Messina, H. J. Price, and I. Wakamiya-Nobori
Osmoregulatory Role of Proline in Plants Exposed to Environmental Stresses, Bruria Heuer
Glutathione and Its Central Role in Mitigating Plant Stress, Chengbin Xiang and David J. Oliver
Plant Hormones and Stress Phenomena, Syed Shamshad Mehdi Naqvi
Abscisic Acid—A Hormonal Long-Distance Stress Signal in Plants Under Drought and Salt Stress, Wolfram Hartung, Andreas D. Peuke, and William J. Davies
Changes in Gene Expression in Response to Ultraviolet B Induced Stress, Soheila A.-H. Mackerness and Brian R. Jordan
Molecular Mechanisms of Plant Responses to Elevated Levels of Tropospheric Ozone, Lola Peñarrubia and Joaquín Moreno

Genetic Factors and Plant/Crop Stress

Genetic Factors Affecting Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Crop Plants, Arun Kumar Joshi

Examples of Empirical Investigations of Specific Plants and Crops Grown Under Salt, Drought, and Other Environmental Stress Conditions

Response of Green Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) to Salt Stress, Mohammad Pessarakli
Salt and Drought Stress Effects on Metabolic Regulation in Maize, Hans-Werner Koyro and Bernhard Huchzermeyer
Water Stress and Alfalfa Production, Michael J. Ottman
Salinity Tolerance in Turfgrasses, Kenneth B. Marcum
Stress in Wildland Plants: Implications for Ecosystem Structure and Function, David G. Williams, Guy R. McPherson, and Jake F. Weltzin
Response of Woody Species to Salinity, Raziuddin Ansari, Syed Manzoor Alam, Syed Shamshad Mehdi Naqvi, N. E. Marcar, and S. Ismail
Photosynthetic Responses of Citrus to Environmental Changes, Joseph C. V. Vu
Ecophysiology of Ajuga reptans L. at the Northern Boundary of Its Distribution, Tamara K. Golovko and O. V. Dymova

Future Promises: Plant and Crop Adaptation and Cultivation Under Stressful Conditions

Adaptation of Plants to Anthropogenic and Environmental Stresses: The Effects of Air Constituents and Plant-Protective Chemicals, Klaus P. Bader and Refat Abdel-Basset
Ecophysiological Adaptations and Genetic Variability in Mangroves, Prakash Lakshmanan, Mathai Mathews, and Kowk Ki Ho
Advances in Water Relation and Moisture Stress Studies of Plants1029, J. P. Srivastava and D. N. Tyagi
Crop Responses to Salt Stress: Seawater Application and Prospects, M. P. Reddy and E. R. R. Iyengar
Strategies and Scope for Improving Salinity Tolerance in Crop Plants, G. V. Subbarao and Chris Johansen

Climatic Changes, Elevated Carbon Dioxide, and Plant/Crop Responses

Plant and Crop Response to Trends in Climatic Changes, Marie-Louise Champigny and Marianne Mousseau
Leaf Development and Acclimation to Elevated CO2, Adam Miller, Martin Spalding, and Steve Rodermel
Changes in CO2 Levels and Their Stress Effects on Photosynthetic Carbon Fixation, M. Vivekanandan, R. Suresh Babu, and V. C. Saralabai
Effect of Increased Atmospheric CO2 Concentration on Water-Use Efficiency of Plants, Jana Pospísilová and Jirí Catský

Beneficial Aspects of Stress

Beneficial Aspects of Stress on Plants, William Grierson


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Handbook of Plant and Crop Stress 2nd Edition
edited by Mohammad Pessarakli
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