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Handbook of Plant Growth
pH as the Master Variable
edited by Zdenko Rengel

This reference explores the molecular, biochemical, functional, structural, and developmental mechanisms of pH in plant growth, as well as examining the role of pH in plant symplasm, plant apoplasm, the rhizosphere, the ecosystem, and in plant interaction with biotic and abiotic environments.

Handbook of Plant Growth discusses:

  • dynamics of H+ fluxes across membranes such as the plasma membrane, tonoplast, mitochondria, and chloroplast thylakoid
  • interdependence of pH dynamics and soil abiotic systems
  • effects of pH fluxes on soil-plant-microbe interactions
  • physiological properties of vacuolar proton pumps
  • maintenance and regulation of stable cytoplasmic pH
  • current methods for the imaging of intracellular Ph

Analyzing the complexities of plant life from biological processes to cell organelles and molecules, Handbook of Plant Growth is an excellent and authoritative reference for plant, crop, soil, and environmental scientists; plant and crop physiologists; botanists; agronomists; agriculturists; horticulturists; biochemists; foresters; and upper-level undergraduate, graduate, and continuing-education students in these disciplines.


  1. H+-ATPases in the Plasma Membrane: Physiology and Molecular Biology
  2. H+-ATPase and H+-PPase in the Vacuolar Membrane: Physiology and Molecular Biology
  3. The Cytoplasmic pH Stat
  4. Confocal pH Topography in Plant Cells: Shifts of Proton Distribution Involved in Plant Signaling
  5. pH as a Signal and Regulator of Membrane Transport
  6. The Role of the Apoplastic pH in Cell Wall Extension and Cell Enlargement
  7. Mechanisms and Physiological Roles of Proton Movements in Plant Thylakoid Membranes
  8. Dynamics of H+ Fluxes in Mitochondrial Membrane
  9. H+ Fluxes in Nitrogen Assimilation by Plants
  10. Crassulacean Acid Metabolism: A Special Case of pH Regulation and H+ Fluxes
  11. Dynamics of H+ Fluxes in the Plant Apoplast
  12. H+ Currents around Plant Roots
  13. Role of pH in Availability of Ions in Soil
  14. Regulation of Microbial Processes by Soil pH
  15. The Role of Acid pH in Symbiosis between Plants and Soil Organisms
  16. Distribution of Plant Species in Relation to pH of Soil and Water


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Handbook of Plant Growth
pH as the Master Variable
edited by Zdenko Rengel
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