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Handbook of Spices, Seasonings and Flavorings
Second edition
by Susheela Raghavan Uhl

Designed to be a practical tool for the many diverse professionals who develop and market foods, the Handbook of Spices, Seasonings, and Flavorings combines technical information about spices-forms, varieties, properties, applications, and quality specifications - with information about trends, spice history, and the culture behind their cuisines. The book codifies the vast technical and culinary knowledge for the many professionals who develop and market foods.


  • Discusses more than 200 individual spices, seasoning blends, and flavoring ingredients
  • Covers cutting-edge flavor contributors such as flowers, wrappers, seafood flavorings, and much more
  • Describes major regional ethnic cuisines and their characteristic flavor profiles and ingredients
  • Includes methods for applying spices in product development and assuring proper quality control


Spices in History

  • A "Spicy" Tale: A Short History of the Spice Trade
  • Early Use of Spices in the Americas
  • The Asian Spice Emporium
  • The First Spice Traders
  • Spice Use in the West
  • Greek and Roman Spice Traders
  • The Arab Conquest
  • Spice Use in the Middle Ages
  • The Age of European Conquest
  • Spices in America

Trends in the World of Spices Today

  • Trends in Foods and Spices
  • Understanding and Effectively Meeting the Growing Demand for Authenticity
  • Spices and Flavorings of Popular Authentic Ethnic Cuisines
  • Fusion and Regional American Flavorings
  • Natural and Organic Spice Trends

Forms, Functions, and Applications of Spices

  • Spice Forms and Composition
  • Functions of Spices
  • Spice Preparation
  • Spice Applications

Spice Labeling, Standards, regulations, and Quality Specifications

  • Spice Definition Labeling
  • Spice Regulations
  • Spice Authenticity and Quality Concerns
  • Spice Quality Specifications
  • Maintaining Spice Quality

A to Z Spices

Ajowan. Allspice. Anise/Aniseed. Annatto. Asafoetida/Asafetida. Basil. Bay/Laurel Leaf. Caper. Caraway. Cardamom/Cardamon. Celery. Chervil. Chile/Chili/Chile Peppers/Chilies. Chives. Cinnamon. Clove. Coriander(Seed and Leaf/Cilantro). Cumin. Dill and Dillweed. Epazote. Fennel Seed. Fenugreek Seed and Leaf. Galangal/Galangale/Galingale. Garlic . Ginger. Grains of Paradise. Horseradish. Juniper. Kaffir Lime. (Leaf and Fruit). Kari (or Curry) Leaf. Lavender. Lemon Balm. Lemon Verbena. Lemongrass. Lovage. Mace. Marjoram. Mints: Spearmint and Peppermint. Mustard. Myrtle. Nigella. Nutmeg. Onion. Oregano. Paprika. Parsley. Peppers: Black, White, Green, Pink, Long/Pippali. Cubeb, Negro, Tasmanian. Poppy Seed. Rosemary. Saffron. Sage. Sassafras. Savory. Screw-Pine Leaf/Pandanus, Pandan Leaf. Sesame Seed. Sichuan or Szechwan Pepper/Fagara. Sorrel. Star Anise. Sumac. Tamarind. Tarragon. Thyme. Turmeric/Tumeric. Wasabi. Watercress. Zedoary.

Emerging flavor Contributors

  • Root/Tuber/Rhizome Flavorings
  • Flower Flavorings
  • Wrapper Flavorings
  • Seafood Flavorings
  • Fruit Flavorings
  • Vegetable Flavorings
  • Legume Flavorings
  • Nut Flavorings
  • Sweet and Bitter Flavorings
  • Preparation from Preparation and Cooking Techniques

Emerging Spice Blends and Seasonings

  • Latin American Spice Blends
  • Asian Spice Blends
  • Mediterranean Spice Blends
  • Caribbean Spice Blends
  • African Spice Blends
  • North American Spice Blends
  • Global Spice Blends

Commercial Spice Blend and Seasoning Formulations

  • Mexican Red Mole Seasoning for Chicken
  • Jamaican Jerk Seasoning for Meats
  • Brazilian Pineapple Seasoning for Pork, Chicken, or Fish
  • Moroccan Seasoning for Lamb Marinade
  • Thai Red Curry Seasoning for Shrimp
  • Vietnamese Fish Sauce Seasoning for Condiment
  • South Indian Spice Blend for Lentil (or Dal) Curry


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Handbook of Spices, Seasonings, and Flavorings
Second edition
by Susheela Raghavan Uhl

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