Toxicology Reference Handbook from C.H.I.P.S.

Handbook of Toxicology
Second Edition
edited by Michael J. Derelanko
and Mannfred A. Hollinger


  • Over 700 tables conveniently organized for ease of use
  • Useful information for nontoxicologists in the areas of health, safety, and the environment
  • Extensively referenced - topically arranged for quick reference
  • Unique format allows you to quickly locate the information you need

New in this edition:

  • Expanded coverage of inhalation toxicology, neurotoxicology, and histopathology
  • Additional regulatory chapters dealing with pesticides, medical devices, consumer products, and world-wide notification of new chemicals
  • Areas of toxicology missing from the first edition such as ecotoxicology and in vitro toxicology
  • A chapter providing extensive overview of the toxicology of metals
  • Two chapters on basic male and female endocrinology and related toxicology
  • Information on differences in physiological and biochemical parameters between children and adults
  • References to Web site sources of valuable information
  • Over 200 new tables and figures
To help you find information quickly and easily, data is arranged by toxicology subspecialty and each chapter begins with a detailed listing of information presented.

Containing over 700 tables and figures, Handbook of Toxicology, Second Edition gives you a single source for the information most often used.


  1. Laboratory Animal Management
  2. Acute and Chronic Toxicology
  3. Dermal Irritation and Sensitization
  4. Ocular Toxicology
  5. Fundamental Inhalation Toxicology
  6. Applied Inhalation Toxicology
  7. Fundamental Neurotoxicity
  8. Applied Neurotoxicology
  9. Immunotoxicology: Fundamentals of Preclinical Assessment
  10. Renal Toxicology
  11. Reproductive Toxicology
  12. Developmental Toxicology
  13. Endocrine Toxicology: Male Reproduction
  14. Endocrine Toxicology: The Female Reproductive System
  15. Genetic Toxicology
  16. Carcinogenesis
  17. Animal Histopathology
  18. Animal Clinical Pathology
  19. Metabolism and Toxicokinetics of Xenobiotics
  20. In Vitro Methods for the Prediction of Ocular and Dermal Toxicity
  21. Ecotoxicology
  22. Metal Toxicology
  23. Human Clinical Toxicology
  24. Risk Assessment
  25. Regulatory Toxicology in the United States: An Overview
  26. Regulatory Toxicology: United States EPA/Chemicals (TSCA)
  27. Regulatory Toxicology: United States EPA/Pesticides (FIFRA)
  28. Regulatory Toxicology: United States FDA/Pharmaceuticals
  29. Regulatory Toxicology: Medical Devices
  30. Regulatory Toxicology: Consumer Products
  31. Regulatory Toxicology: Notification of New Substances in the European Union
  32. Regulatory Toxicology: Notification of New Substances in Canada, Korea, Australia and China
  33. Miscellaneous Information of Toxicological Significance

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Handbook of Toxicology 2nd Edition
edited by Michael J. Derelanko and Mannfred A. Hollinger
2001 1,440 pages $198.95 + shipping

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