Transportation Systems Handbook from C.H.I.P.S.

Handbook of Transportation Engineering

edited by Myer Kutz

The ultimate guide to transportation system upgrades!

For anyone striving to increase the efficiency, performance, capacity, or safety of any transportation system, the Handbook of Transportation Engineering is an unbeatable asset. Packed with practical tools and strategies, this problem-solving resource helps you forge transport system solutions that work on all levels, including the all-important bottom line.

Covering all varieties of transportation systems -- air, rail, road, and water; local, regional, national, and international; freight and passenger, and facilities -- Handbook of Transportation Engineering provides:

  • Problem-solving engineering tools for transportation systems of all types, including mass transit
  • Planning and design techniques, with examples of successful applications
  • Stratagems for deriving positive results from the complex interplay among policy-making, planning, management, operations, and technology
  • Guidance on cost-effective repair of roads and bridges
  • Methods for improving air traffic control systems, airline scheduling, and ground operations
  • Practical applications that solve problems in rail and freight transportation
  • Expert help with noise and air pollution


  1. Networks and Systems
    1. National Transportation Networks and Intermodal Systems
    2. Transport Network Planning: Theoretical Notions
    3. Transportation Systems Modeling and Evaluation
    4. Software Systems and Simulation for Transportation Applications
    5. Applications of GIS in Transportation

  2. Traffic, Streets, and Highways
    1. Traffic Engineering Analysis
    2. Travel Demand Forecasting for Urban Transportation Planning
    3. Highway Capacity
    4. Traffic Control Systems: Freeway Management and Communications
    5. Traffic Signals
    6. Highway Sign Visibility
    7. Traffic Congestion
    8. Geometric Design of Streets and Highways
    9. Intersection and Interchange Design
    10. Pavement Testing and Evaluation

  3. Safety, Noise, and Air Quality
    1. Traffic Safety
    2. Transportation Hazards
    3. Incident Management
    4. Transportation Noise Issues
    5. Transportation-Related Air Quality

  4. Non-Automobile Transportation
    1. Pedestrians
    2. Bicycle Transportation
    3. Railway Engineering
    4. Railway Track Design
    5. Improvement of Railroad Yard Operations
    6. Modern Aircraft Design Techniques
    7. Airport Planning and Design
    8. Air Traffic Control System Design

  5. Operations and Economics
    1. Transportation Planning and Modeling
    2. Transportation Economics
    3. Innovative Information Technology Applications in Public Transportation
    4. Parking Management
    5. Trucking Operations
    6. The Economics of Railroad Operations: Resurgence of a Declining Industry
    7. Airline Management and Operations
    8. The Marine Transportation System
    9. Freight Transportation Planning
    10. Transportation Management


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Handbook of Transportation Engineering
edited by Myer Kutz
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