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Heroes of Pharmacy
Professional Leadership in Times of Change
by Dennis B. Worthen

In this book most of the major issues of the profession of pharmacy, including association organization and management, education, industry, governance, and practice are addressed through an examination of the lives and careers of the pharmacy professionals who dealt with them.

Key Features:

  • Essays on the professional lives of 28 pharmacy statesmen, reformers, activists, educators, ethicists, editors, and pioneers - plus the 20 founders of the American Pharmaceutical Association
  • Photographs of pharmacy leaders and milestones in the history of pharmacy from the American Pharmacists Association Foundation archives
  • Insights into two centuries of professional progress in education, community and institutional practice, manufacturing, government, publishing, association leadership, and military service


  • Founders of the American Pharmaceutical Association
  • George Francis Archambault: Pharmacy’s Change Agent
  • James Hartley Beal: Educator – Statesman
  • Donald Crum Brodie: Pharmacy Theoretician
  • Chauncey I. Cooper: Champion of Minority Pharmacists
  • Zada Mary Cooper: Advocate of Women in Pharmacy
  • Andrew Craigie: America’s First Apothecary General
  • C. Lewis Diehl: APhA’s Reporter on the Progress of Pharmacy
  • H.A.B. Dunning: Pharmacy Philanthropist and Father of the APhA Foundation
  • Carl T. Durham: Pharmacy’s Representative
  • Albert Ethelbert Ebert: Founder of American Pharmacy’s Oldest Award
  • Robert P. Fischelis: Pharmacy Activist
  • Donald Eugene Francke: Reformer by Nature, Doer by Necessity
  • Edward Kremers: Pharmaceutical Education Reformer
  • J. Leon Lascoff: Champion of Professionalism
  • Ernest Little: American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education Champion
  • Rufus Ashley Lyman: Towering Figure in the Field of Pharmaceutical Education
  • John Michael Maisch: Father of Adequate Pharmaceutical Legislation
  • Edward Parrish: Pioneer Ethicist
  • Albert Prescott: Pharmacy Education’s Revolutionary Spark
  • William Procter, Jr.: Father of American Pharmacy
  • Joseph Price Remington: Teacher of Teachers
  • Charles Rice: Creator of the Modern Scientific Pharmacopoeia and the Father of the National Formulary
  • Irving Rubin: Tireless Campaigner for Pharmacy
  • Edward Spease: Father of Hospital Pharmacy Standards
  • Edward R. Squibb: Advocate of Product Standards
  • Linwood Franklin Tice: Champion of Students
  • Henry M. Whelpley: Association Worker
  • Harvey A.K. Whitney: Pioneer in Hospital Pharmacy


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Heroes of Pharmacy
Professional Leadership in Times of Change
by Dennis B. Worthen

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