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High Content Screening
Science, Techniques, and Applications
edited by Steven A. Haney

High Content Screening provides comprehensive coverage of HCS in four sections:

  • The basics of HCS, from the definition to detailed discussions of component technologies
  • Examples of HCS used in biological applications and early drug discovery, with an emphasis on applications in oncology and neuroscience
  • The use of HCS across the drug development pipeline
  • Data management, data analysis, and systems biology, with guidelines for using the large datasets generated by HCS in systems-level studies

High Content Screening covers:

  • A wide range of topics, including assay development, cell culture, image processing, robotics, database architecture and management, model systems for analysis, and more
  • Focused discussions on imaging in 3D, imaging of tissues for pharmacodynamic studies, and screening of both small molecule and RNAi libraries by HCS
  • The roles of bench researchers and IT personnel in implementing and maintaining HCS platforms
  • The challenges and advantages of using HCS today, and a look at future directions


Essentials of High Content Screening

  1. Approaching High Content Screening and Analysis: Practical Advice for Users
  2. Automated High Content Screening Microscopy
  3. A Primer on Image Informatics of High Content Screening
  4. Developing Robust High Content Assays

Applications of HCS in Basic Science And Early Drug Discovery

  1. HCS in Cellular Oncology and Tumor Biology
  2. Exploring the Full Power of Combining High Throughput RNA with High Content Readouts: From Target Discovery Screens to Drug Modifier Studies
  3. Leveraging HCS in Neuroscience Drug Discovery
  4. Live Brain Slice Imaging for Ultra High Content Screening: Automated Fluorescent Microscopy to Study Neurodegenerative Diseases
  5. High Content Analysis of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Growth and Differentiation

HCS in Drug Development

  1. HCS for HTS
  2. The Roles of High Content Cellular Imaging in Lead Optimization
  3. Using High Content Analysis for Pharmacodynamic Assays in Tissue
  4. High Content Analysis of Sublethal Cytotoxicity in Human HepG2 Hepatocytes for Assessing Potential and Mechanism for Chemicaland Drug-Induced Human Toxicity

Data Management, Data Analysis And Systems Biology

  1. Open File Formats for High Content Analysis
  2. Analysis of Multiparametric HCS Data
  3. Quantitative and Qualitative Cellular Genomics: High Content Analysis as an Endpoint for HT-RNA Phenotype Profiling Using GE’s InCell Platform
  4. Optimal Characteristics of Protein–Protein Interaction Biosensors for Cellular Systems Biology Profiling


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High Content Screening
Science, Techniques, and Applications
edited by Steven A. Haney

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