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The Health of Poultry
edited by Mark Pattison

The Health of Poultry is a unique book describing the overall concepts of poultry health with the emphasis on creating the right conditions and environment to minimize the occurance of disease.

By demonstrating the interrelationships between husbandry, medicine and nutrition the author shows how to prevent diseases and to maximize the genetic potential made possible with modern breeds of poultry.

Each of the main poultry species - chicken including breeder and broiler, turkey and duck - is dealt with in separate chapters that explain the principle of disease control with the emphasis on preventive medicine. All aspects of care are drawn together to provide guidance on devising a rigorous health regime that is controlled by proper management.

Chapters on hatchery, nutrition, environment, and housing examine topics such as planning, ventilation, hygiene, quality control and medication. The important role of genetics in flock health is discussed encompassing important issues such as genetic resistance to disease, vertically transmitted diseases and strategies for disease control.


Bacterial Diseases

  • Coli Bacillosis (Including Peritonitis in Layers and Salpingitis)
  • Fowl Cholera
  • Pseudotuberculosis
  • Yolk Sac Infection and Omphalitis
  • Staphylococcal Infection
  • Necrotic Enteritis
  • Gangrenous Dermtitis
  • Listeriosis
  • Erysipals
  • Tuberculosis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Mycoplasmosis

Viral Diseases

  • Infectious Bursal Disease (Gumboro Disease)
  • Inclusion Body Hepatitis
  • Haemorrhagic Enteritis in Turkeys
  • Fowl Pox
  • Infectious Bronchitis
  • Egg-Drop Syndrome '76 (127 Adenovirus/BC 14 Infection)
  • Turkey Rhinotracheitis
  • Chicken Anaemia (Chicken Anamemia Agent)
  • Infectious Avian Encephalomyelitis (Epidemic Tremor)
  • Viral Arthritis and Tenosynovitis
  • Marek's Disease (Including Transient Paralysis)
  • Lymphoid Leukosis and Other Leukoses
  • Lymphoproliferative Disease of Turkeys
  • Reticuloendotheliosis Virus Induced Tumours in Turkeys

Other Neoplasias

  • Adenocarcinomas of the Reproductive Tract of the Hen
  • Leiomyoma of the Oviduct Ligaments
  • Ovarian Arrhenoma
  • Squmous Cell Carcinoma of the Skin

Fungal Diseases

  • Aspergillosis
  • Dactylariosis
  • Candidiasis

Parasitic Diseases

  • Scaridiasis
  • Capillariasis
  • Coccidiosis
  • Histomoniasis
  • Cryptosporidiosis
  • Scaly Leg
  • Lice
  • Red Mite
  • Norther Fowl Mite

Nutritional Deficiencies and Metabolic Disorders

  • Riboflavin Deficiency
  • Encephalomalacia
  • Hypovitaminosis A
  • Rickets
  • Osteopenia in Adult Laying Fowl
  • Fatter Liver and Kidney Syndrome
  • Fatter Liver Haemorrhagic Syndrom in Laying Fowl

Diseases of Uncertain of Unknown Aetiology

  • Sudden Death Syndrome in Broilers ('Acute Heart Failure', 'Flip-over')
  • Sudden Death Syndrome in Laying Fowl
  • Cardiohepatic Syndrome in Turkeys
  • Right Ventricular Heart Failure and Ascites in Broilers (Broiler Ascites)
  • Round Heart Disease
  • Focal Hepatic Lipidosis
  • Dermatitis in Broilers
  • Cholangiohepatitis in Broilers
  • Dyschondroplasia
  • Valgues Leg Deformity in Broilers ('Twisted Leg')
  • Twisted Leg in Turkeys
  • Renal Failure (Visceral Gout)
  • Infectious Stunting Syndrome in the Fowl
  • Acute Pectoral Myopathy in Broiler Breeders

Miscellaneous Diseases

  • Spondyloisthesis (Kinky Back)
  • Ruptured Gastrocnemius Tendon
  • Deep Pectoral Myopathy
  • Plantar Pododermatitis
  • Ionophore Toxicity
  • Tracheal and Bronchial Obstruction with Asphyxiation
  • Swollen-Head Syndrome
  • Gizzard Erosion and Ulceration
  • Aortic Rupture in Turkeys
  • Corneal Ulceration (Keratoconjunctivitis)
  • Persistent Right Oviduct
  • Internal Layer
  • Prolapse of the Oviduct
  • Cannibalism
  • Poor Thriving in Chicks and Poults
  • Pasted Vent


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The Health of Poultry
edited by Mark Pattison
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