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Hospital Builders
by Tony Monk

This specialist publication traces these momentous changes that are transforming the Health Service, and provides valuable information for all those participating in the design, construction and subsequent management of this huge hospital rebuilding programme.

Hospital Builders offers a comprehensive appraisal of 32 case studies covering significant healthcare projects in Britain and around the world. Each is thoroughly analysed with a critical description, plans, illustrations and photographs to provide creative information that is of assistance to architects, contractors and managers and all those involved in the procurement and subsequent occupation of the facilities.

The ideas and examples are amplified through an exploration of the historical achievements, present circumstances and potential future direction of our modern progressive health service. Current practitioners contribute from first-hand experience and anticipate the implications of private finance initiatives and competitive healthcare partnerships. A central theme throughout the book is the abiding importance of high-quality hospital architecture and the therapeutic benefits to be gained by friendly, human healthcare environments.


  1. Health Care Design
  2. Evolution of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Health Care
  3. Current Issues, Themes and Trends
  4. Hospital Architecture
  5. Future Proof Not Future Ready
  6. A Blueprint for the Future
  7. Conclusions.
  8. Sir Philip Powell


  • Historic Princess Margaret Hospital, Swindon, UK (Powell and Moya). Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, UK (Powell and Moya). Wycombe General Hospital, High Wycombe, UK (Powell and Moya).
  • British Public Health Service - District General Hospitals St. Mary's Hospital, Newport, Isle of Wight, UK (Ahrends Burton and Koralek). Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Bournemouth, UK (Hutchison Locke and Monk). Maidstone Hospital, Maidstone, UK (Powell, Moya and Partners). Queen Margaret General Hospital, Dunfermline, UK (HLM Architects). Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, Norwich, UK (Anshen Dyer). Hairmyres Hospital, East Kilbride, UK (HLM Architects). Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, UK (Keppie Design).
  • Community Hospitals Chepstow Community Hospital, Chepstow, UK (David Hutchison Partnership). West Middlesex University Hospital, Isleworth, UK (Nightigale Associates).
  • Inner City Health Care Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital, London, UK (David Hutchison Partnership). Bethnall Green Health Centre, London, UK (Avanti Architects). Hove Polyclinic, Hove, UK (Nightingale Associates). The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London, UK (Powell Moya and Partners). Acad Centre, Central Middlesex Hospital, Park Royal, London, UK (Avanti Architects).
  • Primary Care Hospitals Chiddenbrook Surgery, Crediton, Devon, UK (Smith Roberts Associates). Montpelier Health Centre, Bristol, UK (Vic Love Architects).
  • Europe St. James's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland (Moloney O'Beirne Hutchison). Tallaght Regional Hospital, Dublin, Ireland (Robinson Keefe & Devane). Dublin Dental Hospital, Dublin, Ireland (Arhends Burton and Koralek). Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem, The Netherlands (Nijst Idema).
  • America North Carolina University Hospital, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA (HKS Architects with Corley Redfoot Zack). Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, Provo, Utha, USA (HKS Architects with Architectural Design West). Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, San Jose, CA, USA (Anshen Dyer). Indiana Heart Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA (RTKL Associates, Inc.).
  • Australia St. Vincent's Hospital Sydney, Sydney, Australia (Bligh Voller Nield). Atsumi Hospital, Aichi Prefecture, Japan (Kyodo Architects & Associates).
  • Asia Medical and Research Centre Hong Kong, Sassoon Road, Hong Kong, China (Percy Thomas Architects). Malaysian Nucleus Hospitals, Malaysia (Percy Thomas Architects).

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Hospital Builders
by Tony Monk
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