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Host-Guest Systems Based on Nanoporous Crystals
edited by
Franco Laeri

Interest in nanoporous crystals as host-guest systems has risen dramatically over the past few years, such that this fascinating class of substances now plays an important role not only in material sciences, but also in numerous other disciplines, such as organic or supramolecular chemistry.

With their unique characteristics, nanoporous crystals offer a wide range of possible applications: They are used as molecular sieves or membranes as well as catalytic converters.

Host—Guest Systems Based on Nanoporous Crystals presents the very first overview of this exciting field.

Readers will find everything they need to know about these unusual materials, with all their many attributes:

  • Synthesis of host-guest systems
  • Description of the structural and dynamic aspects
  • Electronic and optical characteristics of the materials
  • Possible applications


  1. Synthesis Routes for Functional Composites Based on Nanoporous Materials
    1. Guest Functionalized Crystalline Organic/Inorganic Nanohybrid Materials
    2. In Situ Synthesis of Azo Dyes and Spiropyran Dyes in Faujasites and their Photochromic Properties
    3. Microwave-Assisted Crystallization Inclusion of Dyes in Microporous AlPO[subscript 4]-5 and Mesoporous Si-MCM-41 Molecular Sieves
    4. Large and Perfect, Optically Transparent Crystals of an Unusual Habitus
    5. Nanoporous Crystals as Host Matrices for Mesomorphous Phases
    6. Cationic Host-Guest Polymerization of Vinyl Monomers in MCM-41
    7. Direct Synthesis of Functional Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Mesostructures
    8. Metal-Oxide Species in Molecular Sieves: Materials for Optical Sensing of Reductive Gas Atmospheres
    9. From Stoichiometric Carbonyl Complexes to Stable Zeolite-Supported Subnanometer Platinum Clusters of Defined Size
    10. Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Mesostructured Aluminum Phosphates
    11. Organic/Inorganic Functional Materials for Light-Emitting Devices Based on Conjugated Bisphosphonates
    12. Prussian Blue Derived, Organometallic Coordination Polymers with Nanometer-Sized Cavities

  2. Structure and Dynamics of Guest-Host Composites Based on Nanoporous Crystals
    1. Computational Methods for Host-Guest Interactions
    2. Probing Host Structures by Monitoring Guest Distributions
    3. Host-Guest Interactions in Bassanite, CaSO[subscript 4]-0.5 H[subscript 2]O
    4. Organic Guest Molecules in Zeolites
    5. Thionine in Zeolite NaY: Potential Energy Surface Analysis and the Identification of Adsorption Sites
    6. Density Functional Model Cluster Studies of Metal Cations, Atoms, Complexes, and Clusters in Zeolites

  3. Electrical Properties and Electronic Structures
    1. Ionic Conductivity of Zeolites: From Fundamentals to Applications
    2. Molecular Dynamics in Confined Space
    3. Conductive Structures in Mesoporous Materials
    4. Density Functional Studies of Host-Guest Interactions in Sodalites
    5. Electronic Structure of Zeolite-Stabilized Ions and Quantum Dots
    6. Cetineites: Nanoporous Semiconductors with Zeolite-Like Channel Structure

  4. Optical Properties of Molecular Sieve Compounds
    1. Modification of Gas Permeation by Optical Switching of Molecular Sieve-Azobenzene Membranes
    2. Photosensitive Optical Properties of Zeolitic Nanocomposites
    3. Confocal Microscopy and Spectroscopy for the Characterization of Host-Guest Materials
    4. New Microlasers Based on Molecular Sieve/Laser Dye Composite Materials
    5. Luminescence of Lanthanide Organometallic Complexes
    6. Microscopic Lasers Based on the Molecular Sieve AlPO[subscript 4]-5
    7. Laser Materials based on Mesostructured Systems
    8. Polymer-Embedded Host-Guest Systems

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Host-Guest Systems
Based on Nanoporous Crystals

edited by Franco Laeri

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