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Hotel Restaurant
Great Hotels of the World
by Hiro Kishikawa

Based on materials collected over the course of 10 years of research on first-class hotels around the world, the author has compiled a selection of the world's 100 best hotel restaurants. He explores the many types of food offered, from chefs' favorite dishes to colorful ethnic and local specialties.

This volume is beautifully photographed, filled with examples of elegant table settings, dishes, silverware, glassware, napkins and the like. The exteriors and interiors are well described in text and color photos. This is a great source book of ideas for theme and ethnic restaurants.

Hotel Restaurant is highly recommended for restaurant managers, designers, and consultants.


Europe: Restaurant Michel Guérard. La Rotonde. Le Café Royal. Le Clos Longchamp. Le Paris. Le Prince de Galles. Les Ambassadors. L'Obérisque. Le Café Terminus. La Brasserie du Louvre. Les Célèbrités. Bell Époque. Le Louis XV. L'Arlequin. L'Albion Chambon. Grill ABC. El Candelabro. Le Gourmet. Le Nailhac. Los Naranjos. Salon Azalea. The Pompadour. Selsdon Park Restaurant. The Dower House Restaurant. Inn of Happiness. Auberge de Provence.

North Africa: Restaurant Le Morocain. Marrakech L'Impériale. Moroccan Restaurant Al Fassia. Restaurant La Djenina. Citadel Grill. King Tut Grill. Turkish Coffee Corner. La Mamma.

America: Seashell Restaurant. Monarch Room. Midori. Parc Cafe. Kacho. Silk's. Campton Place Restaurant. The Garden Court. Wellington's. The Beacon. checkers Restaurant. Ravel. Hasting's. Gardini. Melrose. the Willard Room. Bull & Bear. The Barcley Restaurant. Restaurant Maurice. Devereux's. Windows Restaurant. Palmer's Steak & Seafood House. Cape Cod Room. Fountain Restaurant. henry's Restaurant. Windsor Dining Room. El Gobernador. Fouquet's de Paris. Azulejos.

Asia: One Harbour Road. Grissini. Grand Cafe. Summer Palace. Nadaman. The Pan Restaurant. T'ang Court. Man Wah. Pierrot. Man Ho. J.W.'s Grill. Nicholini's. Golden Leaf. Gaddi's Lai Ching Heen. The Heritage. Shang Palace. House of Blossoms. Bologna. Tiki. Hai Tien Lo. Compass Rose. Li-Bai. Normandie.

Australia: The Grange. Horizons. Pelicans. Macrossans. Oriental Restaurant. The Bradshaw Room. Breezes. Kingsfords. Petries. Flinders. The Promenade Café.

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Hotel Restaurant:
Great Hotels of the World
by Hiro Kishikawa

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