Professional Garnishing Set from C.H.I.P.S.

How to Garnish
with Tools
by Harvey Rosen

How to Garnish is more than just the most useful and informative guide about food garnishing ever published. It's also the easiest to learn from because it contains simple, easy-to-follow instructions with illustrations that show exactly what to do. No guesswork is involved; everything you need to know is right here.

How to Garnish is a basic book, full of ideas, and suitable for anyone just getting started with garnishing. It is fun to learn from and fun to use—and guaranteed to reward you with achieving many amazing techniques.

It combines step-by-step instructions with line drawings and full color photos for 69 projects. Also includes instructions for numerous small plate garnishes which can be prepared quickly using the five garnishing tools included.

How to Garnish is great for anyone who is looking to master the tools and techniques needed to create mouthwatering elegance from commonplace foods.

Also available in French!


  • Apple Bird • Apple Cup • Cabbage, Red Flower
  • Canape Hors d'Oeuvres • Carrot Blossoms • Carrot Curls
  • Carrot Flowers • Carrots, Knots of • Carrot Palm Tree
  • Celery Flower • Celery, Stuffed • Citrus Cartwheels
  • Citrus Elephant • Citrus, Fancy Edges
  • Citrus Gelatin Wedges • Citrus Strip Rose
  • Cucumber Chain • Cucumber Crab • Cucumber Daisy
  • Cucumber Fan • Cucumber Rose • Cucumber Shark
  • Cucumber, Scored • Cucumber Shrimp Boat
  • Cucumber Stairs • Cucumber, Stuffed • Eggplant Sunflower
  • Eggs, Square • Grapes, Sugar 'N Spice • Leek Flower
  • Leek Ribbons • Lemon Curl • Lemon Outrigger
  • Lemon Pig • Melon Basket • Melon Buggy
  • Melon Ship • Melon Swan • Melon Whale
  • Onion Cup • Onion Mum • Onion, Red, Flower
  • Orange Basket • Pear Mouse
  • Pepper, Red Flower • Potato Bird's Nest
  • Potato Chips • Potatoes Stuffed • Radish Blossom
  • Radish Fan • Radish Flower • Radish Mum
  • Radish Mushroom • Radish Propeller
  • Radish Rose • Radish Star • Scallion, Olive
  • Scallion Pompom Flower • Squash, Butternut, Basket
  • Squash, Butternut, Centerpiece • Squash, Yellow, Goose
  • Tomato Butterfly • Tomato, Cherry, Rose
  • Tomato Flower • Tomato Strip Rose
  • Tomato Surprise • Tomato Wings
  • Turnip Bunny • Zucchini Whale


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How to Garnish with Tools
by Harvey Rosen
also available in French
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