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Hospitality Skills
Training Guide
Bell Attendant

Bell attendants provide more than luggage service to guests. They are a measure of your property’s ability to provide outstanding service in all areas. Make sure they are well equipped to deliver.

With this guide, they’ll learn:

  • Qualities necessary to be an outstanding bell attendant
  • How to handle security issues such as key control
  • How to deal with guests under the influence of alcohol
  • And more!

This binder is divided into 6 tabbed sections:

  • Overview
  • Prepare to Train
  • Present/Practice
  • Follow Up
  • Employee Knowledge
  • Employee Skills

This guide provides the basis of a six-day training course for new employees and current employees. Tabs 2, 3, and 4 provide details on how to train new and current employees using the Job Knowledge, Task List, and Breakdowns.

This guide also provides information for the person training these new and current employees, such as:

  • What Makes a Good Trainer?
  • What are a Trainer's Responsibilities?
  • What Should a Trainer Expect From Employees? — Employees With Disabilities, Language Barriers, and Limited Reading Skills
  • Four-Step Training Method — Prepare, Present, Practice, Follow Up

The Employee Knowledge tab includes:

  • Quality Guest Service
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Personal Appearance
  • Emergency Situations
  • Lost and Found
  • Recycling Procedures
  • Safe Work Habits
  • Manager on Duty
  • Your Property's Fact Sheet
  • Employee Policies
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act

Employee Skill tab contains:

  • Use the Bell Stand Telephone System
  • Use the Facsimile Machine
  • Use the Photocopy Machine
  • Follow the Property's Posting Positions
  • Maintain the Bell Stand Logbook and Front Sheets
  • Load and Transport Luggage and Other Articles
  • Provide Door Service for Guests
  • Use the Guest Information Directory
  • Assist in Rooming Guests
  • Assist Guests at Check-Out
  • Provide Storage for Guest Luggage
  • Show Rooms to Potential Guests and Check Rooms for Occupancy
  • Process Room Changes
  • Perform Errands
  • Arrange for or Hail Taxis for Guests
  • Process and Deliver Mail, Messages, Facsimilies, or Packages
  • Provide Valet Parking
  • Deliver Express Check-Out Packets to Guests
  • Deliver Morning Newspapers to Guests
  • Process Guest Laundry
  • Deliver Guest Service Equipment and Supplies to Guestrooms
  • Arrange for Services Requested by Guests
  • Handle Guest Service Problems
  • Assit With Luggage for Group Arrivals and Departures
  • Perform Upkeep on Courtesy Vehicles
  • Report Courtesy Vehicle Accidents
  • Provide Courtesy Transportation
  • Arrange Limousine Service
  • Operate Property Equipment
  • Maintain an Inventory of Keys
  • Use Pagers, Two-Way Radios, and Public Address Systems
  • Set Up, Maintain, and Take Down a Continental Breakfast
  • Prepare Coffee
  • Process Lost and Found Items
  • Prepare Maps and Provide Directions
  • Clean the Lobby, Entrance, Bell Stand, and Luggage Carts
  • Update the Function Reader Board
  • Restock the Lobby Brochure Racks
  • Respond to Situations Requiring First Aid
  • Respond to Emergency Alarms

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Hospitality Skills Training Guide
Bell Attendant
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