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Hospitality Skills
Training Guide
Room Service Attendant

Set your property apart from the competition.

With this comprehensive guide you will be able to train your room service attendants to:

  • use suggestive selling and upselling techniques effectively
  • respond to service requests while maintaining guest privacy
  • and more!

This binder is divided into 6 tabbed sections:

  • Overview
  • Prepare to Train
  • Present/Practice
  • Follow Up
  • Employee Knowledge
  • Employee Skills

This guide provides the basis of a six-day training course for new employees and current employees. Tabs 2, 3, and 4 provide details on how to train new and current employees using the Job Knowledge, Task List, and Breakdowns.

This guide also provides information for the person training these new and current employees, such as:

  • What Makes a Good Trainer?
  • What are a Trainer's Responsibilities?
  • What Should a Trainer Expect From Employees? — Employees With Disabilities, Language Barriers, and Limited Reading Skills
  • Four-Step Training Method — Prepare, Present, Practice, Follow Up

The Employee Knowledge tab includes:

  • Quality Guest Service
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Personal Appearance
  • Emergency Situations
  • Lost and Found
  • Recycling Procedures
  • Safe Work Habits
  • Manager on Duty
  • Your Property's Fact Sheet
  • Employee Policies
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act

Employee Skill tab contains:

  • Perform Beginning-of-Shift Duties
  • Preset Room Service Trays and Carts
  • Process Express Breakfast Orders
  • Deliver VIP Amenities
  • Use the Point-of-Sale Equipment
  • Take and Record Room Service Orders
  • Handle Special Room Service Requests
  • Place the Room Service Order
  • Perform Pantry Prep for Room Service Orders
  • Prepare Coffee
  • Prepare Hot Tea
  • Prepare Hot Chocolate
  • Prepare Iced Tea
  • Set up Bottled Wine or Champagne for Service
  • Assemble the Beverage Order and Food Condiments
  • Pick Up the Room Service Order
  • Deliver the Room Service Order
  • Serve the Room Service Order
  • Serve Coffee or Hot Tea
  • Check IDs
  • Open and Serve Wine or Champagne
  • Present and Settle the Guest Check
  • Retrieve Trays and Carts
  • Close out the Guest Check
  • Follow Up With Guests
  • Respond to Dissatisfied Guests
  • Clear and Reset Trays and Carts
  • Handle Soiled Room Service Linens
  • Set Up Portable Bars in Suites or Guestrooms
  • Set Up and Serve Small Group Dinners and Receptions
  • Set Up and Serve Small Buffet Banquets
  • Set Up and Serve Coffee Breaks
  • Maintain Room Service Side Stations
  • Pick Up and Restock Room Service Supplies
  • Perform Closing Shift Duties
  • Make Shift Deposit and Collect Due-Backs
  • Use the Room Service Logbook

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Hospitality Skills Training Guide
Room Service Attendant
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