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Hydrodynamics, Mass and Heat Transfer in Chemical Engineering

by Andrei D. Polyanin et al

Hydrodynamics, Mass and Heat Transfer in Chemical Engineering contains a concise and systematic exposition of fundamental problems of hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer, and physicochemical hydrodynamics, which constitute the theoretical basis of chemical engineering in science.

Areas covered include:
fluid flows processes of chemical engineering fluid films problems of mass and heat transfer the motion and mass exchange of power-law and viscoplastic fluids through tubes, channels, and films the basic concepts and properties of very specific technological media, namely foam systems

Topics are arranged in increasing order of difficulty, with each section beginning with a brief physical and mathematical statement of the problem considered, followed by final results, usually given for the desired variables in the form of final relationships and tables.


  1. Fluid Flows in Films, Jets, Tubes and Boundary Layers
  2. Hydrodynamic Equations and Boundary Conditions
  3. Hydrodynamics of Thin Films
  4. Laminar Flows in Tubes
  5. Hydrodynamic Boundary Layer on a Flat Plate
  6. Transient and Pulsating Flows Motion of Particles, Drops and Bubbles in Fluid Exact
  7. Solutions of the Stokes Equations
  8. Spherical Particles in Translational Flow at Various Reynolds Numbers
  9. Spherical Particles, Drops and Bubbles in Shear Flows
  10. Flow Past a Cylinder (the Plane Problem)
  11. Mass and Heat Transfer in Liquid Films, Tubes, and Boundary Layers
  12. Convective Mass and Heat Transfer Equations and Boundary Conditions
  13. Heat Transfer to a Flat Plate
  14. Heat and Mass Transfer in a Laminar Flow in a Circular Tube
  15. Turbulent Heat Transfer in Circular Tube and Plane Channel
  16. Mass and Heat Exchange Between Flow and Particles, Drops, or Bubbles
  17. The Method of Asymptotic Analogies in Theory of Mass and Heat Transfer
  18. Mass and Heat Exchange Between Particles of Various Shapes and a Stagnant Medium
  19. Mass Transfer in Linear Shear Flows at Low Peclet
  20. Numbers, Particles, Drops and Bubbles in Translational Flow
  21. Various Peclet and Reynolds Numbers
  22. Mass Transfer in a Translational-Shear Flow with Flow Parabolic
  23. Profile Mass and Heat Transfer Between Cylinders and Translational of Shear Flows
  24. Qualitative Features of Mass Transfer Inside a Drop at High Peclet Numbers
  25. Mass and Heat Transfer Under Constrained Flow Past Particle, Drops, or Bubbles
  26. Mass and Heat Transfer Under Complicating Factors
  27. Mass Transfer Complicated by a Surface Chemical Reaction
  28. Mass Transfer Between Particles, Drops or Bubbles and Flows with Volume Reactions
  29. Film Condensation, Thermogravitational and Thermocapillary Effect in the Drop Motion
  30. Hydrodynamics and Mass and Heat Transfer in Non-Newtonian Fluids
  31. Rheological Models of Non-Newtonian Incompressible Fluids
  32. Mass Transfer in Channels and Tubes
  33. Account of Dissipation
  34. Hydrodynamic and Diffusion Boundary Layers in Power-Law Fluids
  35. Motion and Mass Exchange of Particle, Drops and Bubbles in Non-Newtonian Fluids
  36. Foam: Structures and Some Properties
  37. Fundamental Parameters
  38. Models of Foams
  39. Kinetics of Surfactant Adsorption in Liquid Solutions
  40. Rheological Properties of Foams

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Hydrodynamics, Mass and Heat
Transfer in Chemical Engineering

by Andrei D. Polyanin et al
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