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Industrial Applications of Electron Microscopy

edited by Zhigang R. Li

Proven strategies for solutions to research, development, and production dilemmas!

This reference details the instrumentation and underlying principles for utilization of electron microscopy in the manufacturing, automotive, semiconductor, photographic film, pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral, forensic, glass, and pulp and paper industries.

Discusses safety, calibration, and troubleshooting techniques, as well as methods in sample preparation and image collection, interpretation, and analysis. Industrial Applications of Electron Microscopy offers strategies to :

  • examine the microstructure, chemistry, and crystal structure of various materials and compounds
  • explore the latest procedures in scanning electron microscopy, electron probe microanalysis, and transmission electron microscopy
  • analyze the morphological features of catalysts

Industrial Applications of Electron Microscopy is a timely source for surface, colloid, analytical, physical, industrial, and organic chemists and biochemists; materials and chemical engineers; and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.


  1. Industrial Sectors
    1. Automotive Applications of Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy
    2. Electron Microscopy for the Pulp and Paper Industry
    3. Applications of Electron Microscopy in Photographic Science and Technology
    4. Characterization of Petroleum Catalysts by Electron Microscopy
    5. Applications of Electron Microscopy for Defect Understanding in the Glass Industry
    6. Applications of Electron Microscopy in the Semiconductor Industry: Challenges and Solutions for Specimen Preparation
    7. Electron Imaging in Pharmaceutical Research and Development
    8. Electron Microscopy in Mineral Processing
    9. Contributions of Microscopy to Advanced Industrial Materials and Processing
    10. Museum Applications for SEM and X-Ray Microanalysis
    11. Forensic Applications of Scanning Electron Microscopy with X-Ray Analysis

  2. Industrially Important Materials
    1. Electron Microscopy on Pigments
    2. Polymer Characterization Using Electron Microscopes
    3. Carbon Nanotube and Its Application to Nanoelectronics
    4. Electron Microscopy of Ceramic Materials
    5. Applications of Electron Microscopy to High-Temperature Superconductors and Related Materials
    6. Characterization of CVD Diamond Defects by UHREM
    7. Structure–Function Relationships of Mycorrhizal Symbioses Revealed by Electron Microscopy

  3. Other Topics
    1. Principles of Electron Microscopy and Related Techniques
    2. Digital Imaging in Electron Microscopy
    3. Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy and Energy-Filtered Electron Imaging
    4. Electron Crystallography: Structure Determination by HREM and Electron Diffraction


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Industrial Applications of Electron Microscopy
edited by Zhigang R. Li
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