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Industrial Dyes
Chemistry, Properties, Applications

edited by Klaus Hunger

Industrial Dyes provides comprehensive coverage of the chemistry, properties and applications of the most important groups of industrial dyes, including optical brighteners. It also outlines the latest developments in the area of functional dyes.

Renowned experts in their respective fields have contributed to the chapters on chemical chromophores, synthesis and application of the various dye classes, textile dyeing and non-textile dyeing.

The book is aimed at all professionals who are involved in the synthesis, production, manufacture or application of dyes and will prove to be an indispensable guide to all chemists, engineers and technicians in dye science and industry.


  1. Dyes, General Survey

    • Classification Systems for Dyes
    • Classification fo Dyes by Use or Application Method
    • Nomenclature of Dyes
    • Equipment and Manufactuare
    • Economic Aspects

  2. Important Chemical Chromophores of Dye Classes

    • Azo Chromophor
    • Anthraquinone and Anthraquinone Related Chromophors
    • Indigoid Chrmophor
    • Cationic Compounds as Chromophor
    • Polymethine and Related Chromophors
    • Di- and Triarylcarbonium and Related Chromophors
    • Phthalocyanine Chromophor
    • Sulfur Compounds as Chromophor
    • Metal Complexes as Chromophor
    • Fluorescent Dyes
    • Other Chromophores (Quinophthalones, Nitro/Nitroso, Stilbene, Formazanes)

  3. Dye Classes for Principal Applications

    • Reactive Dyes
    • Disperse Dyes
    • Direct Dyes
    • Anthraquinone Vat Dyes
    • Indigoid Dyes
    • Sulfur Dyes
    • Cationic Azo Dyes
    • Cationic Methine Dyes
    • Acid Dyes
    • Solvent Dyes
    • Metal Complex Dyes
    • Naphthoquinone Dyes

  4. Textile Dyeing

    • Textile Dyeing
    • Reactive Dyes on Cellulose and Other Fibers
    • Direct Dyes on Cellulose Fibers
    • Anthraquinone Vat Dyes on Cellulose
    • Leuco Esters of Vat Dyes on Cellulose
    • Dyeing with Indigo
    • Sulfur Dyes on Cellulose
    • Azoic (Naphtol AS) Dyes on Cellulose
    • Dyeing Cellulose with Other Dye Classes
    • Acid and Metal Complex Dyes on Wool and Silk
    • Acid and Metal Complex Dyes on Polyamide
    • Disperse Dyes on Polyester and Other Man-made Fibers
    • Disperse Dyes on other Fibers
    • Cationic Dyes on Acrylic Fibers

  5. Non-Textile Dyeing

    • Leather Dyes
    • Fur Dyes
    • Hair Dyes
    • Food Dyes
    • Ink Dyes
    • Photographic Dyes
    • Indicator Dyes

  6. Functional Dyes

    • Itneractions of Functional Dyes
    • Functional Dyes by Application

  7. Optical Brighteners

    • Chemistry of Technical Products
    • Commercial Forms and Brands
    • Uses
    • Analytical Methods and Whiteness Assessment
    • Environmental Aspects

  8. Health and Safety Aspects

    • Toxicology and Toxicity Assessments
    • Environmental Assessment/Fate
    • Legislation

List of Examples of Commercially Available Dyes


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Industrial Dyes
Chemistry, Properties, Applications
edited by Klaus Hunger

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