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Interventions Controls and Applications in Occupational Ergonomics
Second Edition
edited by William S. Marras

Interventions Controls and Applications in Occupational Ergonomics includes coverage of injury surveillance database systems and corporate health management for the design and evaluation of health in industrial organizations, ergonomics processes from the small and large industry perspectives, and human digital modeling, as well as facilities planning and organizational design and macro-ergonomics.


  • Features systematic applications of ergonomics theories and data in the design and management of many industries and businesses
  • Includes new information on management, ergonomic design for facility planning, ergonomics for processing and distribution industries, and product design for occupational ergonomics
  • Covers practical interventions in industry that utilize participatory approaches, surveillance, OSHA recordkeeping requirements, and psychological work factors
  • Provides an update on the use of back belts in industry, and discusses best practices for the prevention of musculoskelatal disorder at work
  • Explores solutions for the control of upper extremity and low back disorders, application of lift assist rail systems and hand tools, and engineering controls
  • Discusses ergonomics interventions in industries such as meat and poultry processing, agriculture, distribution centers, healthcare, and service systems


Ergonomics Processes

  • Elements of the Ergonomic Process
  • Success Factors for Industrial Ergonomics Programs
  • Practical Interventions in Industry Using Participatory Approaches
  • OSHA Recordkeeping
  • Psychosocial Work Factors


  • Injury Surveillance Database Systems
  • Corporate Health Management: Designing and Evaluating Health in Organizations

Industrial Process Applications

  • Ergonomics Process in Small Industry
  • An Ergonomics Process: A Large Industry Perspective

Upstream Ergonomics

  • Digital Human Modeling for Computer-Aided Ergonomics
  • Design for Ergonomics: Facilities Planning
  • Organizational Design and Macroergonomics

Engineering Controls

  • Engineering Controls - What Works and What Does Not
  • General Knowledge Regarding Engineering Controls
  • Design and Evaluation of Handtools
  • Low Back Disorders: General Solutions
  • Ergonomic Assist and Safety Equipment - An Overview
  • Gloves
  • Wrist and Arm Supports
  • Lower Extremity Supports

Administrative Controls

  • Administrative Controls as an Ergonomic Intervention
  • Worker Selection for Physically Demanding Jobs
  • Training Lifting Techniques
  • Secondary Intervention for Low Back Pain
  • Psychosocial Characteristics of Work as Targets for Change
  • Assessment of Worker Functional Capacities
  • Physical Ability Testing for Employment Decision Purposes
  • Human Resources Management
  • Workday Length and Shiftwork Issues
  • Back Belts
  • Job Rotation
  • Epidemiology of Upper Extremity Disorders

Medical Management

  • Medical Management of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Systems Approach to Rehabilitation
  • Postinjury Rehabilitation Management
  • Wrist Splints
  • Clinical Lumbar Motion Monitor

Ergonomic Industrial Interventions

  • Chairs and Furniture
  • The Computer Keyboard System Design
  • Intervention for Notebook Computers
  • Meatpacking Operations
  • Poultry Processing
  • Working in Unusual or Restricted Postures
  • Agriculture, F.A. Fathallah
  • Grocery Distribution Centers
  • Patient Handling in Health Care
  • Prevention of Medical Errors
  • Bakery: Cake Decorating Process
  • Furniture Manufacturing Industry
  • General Construction
  • Introducing Ergonomics to Developing Countries
  • The Future of Work and an Ergonomics Response


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Interventions Controls and Applications in Occupational Ergonomics
Second Edition
edited by William S. Marras

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