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The Interferons
Characterization and Application
edited by Anthony Meager

The Interferons is the first book to cover all important areas of interferon science in one volume.

Top scientists, including many pioneers in the field, highlight the role of interferons as research tools and as therapeutic agents in clinical applications.

The Interferons chapters include discussions of interferon genes, Type I, II and III IFNs, as well as their induction, production and purification.


Molecular Aspects, Introduction and Purification

1. Type I Interferons: Genetics and Structure

  • The Type I IFN Genetic Locus
  • Type I IFN Genes
  • Type I IFN Gene-regulatory Regions
  • Evolution of the Type I IFNs
  • Natural and Induced Mutations in IFN Genes
  • Secondary Structural Features of Type I IFNs
  • The Structure of Type I IFNs
2. Activation of Interferon Gene Expression Through Toll-like Receptor-dependent and -independent Pathways

  • IFN-β Gene Transcription
  • IRF Family Members
  • Role of IRFs in Virus-mediated IFN Activation
  • IFN Signaling Pathways
3. Interferon Proteins: Structure, Production and Purification

  • The Structure of Type I IFNs
  • Production and Purification of Type I IFNs
  • Long-acting IFNs
4. Interferon-g: Gene and Protein Structure, Transcription Regulation, and Actions

  • IFN-γ Gene Structure and Regulation
  • IFN--γ Signal Transduction
  • IFN--γ in Th Cell Development
  • IFN--γ and DCs
  • IFN--γ Role in Tumor Development and Growth
5. Interferon and Related Receptors

  • IFNs and IFN-like Molecules in Brief
  • The Receptors
  • The Type I IFN Receptor
  • The Type II IFN (IFN-g) Receptor
  • The IL-28R1 and -10R2 Receptor Complex.
  • Overview of Multichain Receptors
6. Type III Interferons: The Interferon-l Family

  • The Class II Cytokine Receptor Family (CRF2) and their Ligands
  • Genomic Structure
  • Receptor Complex and Signaling
  • Biological Activities
  • The Murine IFN-l Antiviral System
  • Evolution of the IFN Family
  • Therapeutic Potential
Biological Properties

7. Biological Actions of Type I Interferons

  • Sources of Type I IFN Production and Secretion
  • Type I IFN Interactions with the Receptor Complex
  • Type I IFN-induced Signaling Cascades
  • IFN-inducible Biological Responses
8. Interferons and Apoptosis Recent Developments

  • The Role of IFN-regulated Genes in the Control of Apoptosis
  • The Protein Kinase PKR and the Phosphorylation of Polypeptide Chain Initiation Factor eIF2α
  • IFNs and the Apoptotic Effects of TRAIL
  • Signal Transduction Pathways for IFN-mediated Effects on Apoptosis
  • The Antiapoptotic Effects of IFNs
9. Viral Defense Mechanisms against Interferon

  • Innate Immune Antiviral Defense Mechanisms of Host Cells
  • Evasion of IFN-mediated Antiviral Response
10. Overview of Clinical Applications of Type I Interferons

  • Biological Effects
  • Type I IFN Products Currently Available or Under Development
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Clinical Applications of Type I Interferons
  • IFN Toxicity
  • Type I IFNs in the Future
11. Clinical Applications of Interferon-γ

  • IFN-γ The Molecule
  • FDA-approved Indications: Established Benefit and Risks
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Infection Following Serious Trauma
  • Atopic Dermatitis (AD)
  • Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)
  • Systemic Sclerosis (SSc)
  • Radiation-induced Fibrosis
  • Chronic Hepatitis
  • Oncology Indications: Ovarian Cancer
12. Measurement of Interferon Activities

  • The IFNs: Mechanisms of Action, Protein Induction and Biological Activities
  • Measurement of Biological Activities of IFNs
  • Regulatory Landscape
13. The Development and Measurement of Antibodies to Interferon

  • Introductory Perspective
  • NAbs
  • Immunoassays for Non-NAbs
  • Epitope Analysis
  • Development of Antibodies during IFN Therapy


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The Interferons
Characterization and Application
edited by Anthony Meager

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