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Second Edition
by Thomas T. Tidwell

Ketenes is a comprehensive, self-contained guide to all aspects of ketene chemistry.


  • Includes all advances made from 1995 to the present, including updates from the literature and over 1,000 new references
  • Includes sections on cycloaddition reactions, ketenes from esters, ketene reactions using polymer supports, and oxoquinone methides


Structure, Bonding, and Thermochemistry of Ketenes

  • heoretical Studies of Ketenes.
  • Molecular and Electronic Structure and Energy.
  • Theoretical Studies of Ketene Reactions.
  • Substituent Effects on Ketenes.
  • Molecular Structure Determinations.
  • Thermochemistry of Ketenes

Spectroscopy and Physical Properties of Ketenes

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.
  • Ultraviolet and Photoelectron Spectroscopy.
  • Infrared Spectra.
  • Dipole Moments.
  • Mass Spectrometry and Gas Phase Ion Chemistry

Preparation of Ketenes

  • Ketenes from Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives.
  • Ketenes from Carboxylic Anhydrides.
  • Ketenes from Acyl Halides and Activated Acids.
  • Ketenes from Esters.
  • Ketenes from Ester Enolates.
  • Ketenes by Ester Pyrolysis.
  • Other Preparations of Ketenes from Esters.
  • Ketenes by Dehalogenation of ?-Halo Carboxylic Derivatives.
  • Ketenes from Diazo Ketones (Wolff Rearrangements).
  • Thermal Wolff Rearrangement.
  • Photochemical Wolff Rearrangement.
  • Ketenes by Photochemical and Thermolytic Methods.
  • Ketenes from Cyclobutanones and Cyclobutenones.
  • Ketenes from Photolysis of Cycloalkanones and Enones.
  • Ketenes from Cytclohexadienones and Other Cycloalkenones.
  • Ketenes from Dioxinones.
  • Ketenes by Thermolysis of Alkynyl Ethers.
  • Ketenes from Other Thermolytic and Photochemical Routes.
  • Ketenes from Alkenylcarbene Metal Complexes.
  • Ketene Formation under Acidic Conditions.
  • Ketenes from Oxidation of Alkynes.
  • Other Routes to Ketenes

Types of Ketenes

  • Carbon-Substituted Ketenes.
  • Alkylketenes.
  • Alkenylketenes.
  • Alkynylketenes and Cyanoketenes.
  • Arylketenes.
  • Cyclopropylketenes.
  • Acylketenes.
  • Imidoylketenes.
  • Cumulene-Substituted Ketenes.
  • Ketenes with Charged, Radical, or Carbenic Side Chains.
  • Fulvenones.
  • Triafulvenones.
  • Pentafulvenones.
  • Heptafulvenones.
  • Oxoquinone Methides and Related Species.
  • Nitrogen-Substituted Ketenes.
  • Oxygen-Substituted Ketenes.
  • Halogen-Substituted Ketenes.
  • Fluoroketenes, Perfluoroalkylketenes and Perfluoroarylketenes.
  • Chlorine, Bromine, and Iodine-Substituted Ketenes.
  • Silyl-, Germyl-, and Stannylketenes.
  • Phosphorous- and Arsenic-Substituted Ketenes.
  • Sulfur-Substituted Ketenes.
  • Metal-Substituted Ketenes.
  • Lithium Ketenes (Lithium Ynolates) and Ynols.
  • Boron-Substituted Ketenes.
  • Other Metal-Substituted Ketenes and Metal Ketenides.
  • Metal-Complexed Ketenes.
  • Bisketenes.
  • Ketenyl Radicals, Anions, and Cations.
  • Cumulenones

Reactions of Ketenes

  • Oxidation and Reduction of Ketenes (Electron Transfer).
  • Photochemical Reactions.
  • Thermolysis Reactions.
  • Cycloaddition Reactions of Ketenes.
  • Intermolecular [2+2] Cycloaddition.
  • Dimerization of Ketenes.
  • Cycloaddition with Alkenes and Dienes.
  • Mechanism of Ketene [2+2].
  • Cycloaddition of Ketenes with Nucleophilic Alkenes.
  • Cycloaddition of Ketenes with Allenes.
  • Cycloaddition of Ketenes with Alkynes.
  • Cycloaddition of Ketenes with Imines.
  • Cycloadditions of Ketenes with Other Substrates.
  • Cycloaddition Reactions of Ketenes.
  • Cycloadditions of Ketenes.
  • Intramolecular Cycloadditions of Ketenes.
  • Intermolecular and Intramolecular Cycloaddition of Ketenes with Carbonyl Groups.
  • Nucleophilic Addition to Ketenes.
  • Mechanisms.
  • Theoretical Studies.
  • Kinetics of Hydration: Neutral and Base Reactions.
  • Acid-Catalyzed Hydration.
  • Alcoholysis and Aminolysis.
  • Nucleophilic Additions to Ketenes: Preparative Aspects.
  • Hydride Addition.
  • Oxygen Nucleophiles.
  • Nitrogen Nucleophiles.
  • Carbon Nucleophiles.
  • Other Nucleophiles.
  • Wittig Reactions.
  • Electrophilic Addition to Ketenes.
  • Protonation of Ketenes.
  • Electrophilic Addition of Hydrogen Halides to Ketenes.
  • Electrophilic Additions to Other Reagents.
  • Oxygenation of Ketenes.
  • Radical Reactions of Ketenes.
  • Polymerization of Ketenes.
  • Stereoselectivity in Ketene Reactions.
  • Other Additions to Ketenes.
  • Reaction with Diazomethanes.
  • Reaction with Sulfur Dioxide.
  • Ketene Reactions Using Polymer Supports


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Second Edition
by Thomas T. Tidwell

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