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Kochkunst in
Bildern • 7

with CD-ROM
The 2004 International
Culinary Olympics

This edition, # 7 in the Kochkunst in Bildern series, presents the entries from the 2004 International Culinary Olympics held in Germany.

Full color photographs of the finished entries are shown together with a description of the platter and identification of the chef and country represented.

Text is presented in three languages simultaneously: English • German • French.

Kochkunst in Bildern 7 is a collector's volume of indispensable references on first-rate international culinary standards that any with an interest in culinary art will want to have.

More than 1100 chefs throughout the world are in the starting blocks at the International Chefs' Olympiad during the Hotel and Catering Trade Fair in Erfurt in October, 2004. In the categories national team, youth national team, group, patisserie, military forces and large scale catering, participants fight for medals, setting new trends and giving top performances.

Kochkunst in Bildern 7 documents this global event. More than 280 brilliant colour transparencies reflect the stunning menus, platters and showpieces. All participants made up of 70 teams are represented. The atmosphere throughout the event is captured and displayed in more than 1000 action packed photographs ranging from the opening ceremony, all the way through the contest to the victory celebrations.

The most important evaluation factors of all nations and teams reflect an exact overview of achievements. This book is essential to everybody who is interested in the contemporary art of cooking, preparing for competitions, looking for ideas or those who seek advanced professional training.


  • Participants and moods. From the opening celebrations via kitchen activities to the award-giving ceremony - in excess of 1000 photographs

  • Showpieces created with chocolate, butter, sugar, vegetable sculptures and much more

  • Ideal in preparation for competitions, training and as stimulation of ideas for the invention of your own creations and platters

  • All texts and descriptions in the German, English and French languages

  • Menus, platters and showpieces from the International Culinary Art 2004 - now also available on enclosed CD ROM

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Kochkunst in Bildern • 7—with CD-ROM
408 pages • hundreds of color photographs
2005 • $139.95 + shipping
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