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Kitchen Essentials

by Le Cordon Bleu

The complete illustrated reference to the ingredients, equipment, terms, and techniques used by Le Cordon Bleu.

The acclaimed chefs from Le Cordon Bleu serve up their technical knowledge on everything from selecting ingredients and proper utensils, to the skills needed to achieve culinary professionalism in this thorough and authoritative book.

Kitchen Essentials also illustrates the cleaning and preparation of food, as well as cooking times, and features classic recipes to teach the principle uses of each ingredient.

This comprehensive, illustrated book is full of culinary information, covering a vast range of topics that teach readers what they need to know to be successful in the kitchen—from cooking techniques and equipment to essential ingredients.


Batterie de Cuisine: Knives and cutters. Other essential equipment. Stovetop pots and pans. Pastry and cake equipment.

Cooking terms and techniques: Pastry making. Cake making. Blanching and tenderizing. Stuffing. Boiling. Poaching. Steaming. Braising and stewing. Roasting and baking. Broiling. Barbecuing. Frying. Carving. Garnishing.

Fish and Shellfish: White fish. Oily fish. Freshwater fish. Gourmet fish. Preserved fish. Squid. Shrimp. Lobster. Crab. Molluscs. Garnishes for fish and shellfish.

Meat: Beef. Veal. Lamb. Pork. Ham and bacon. Organ meat. Sausages. Cured meats.

Poultry and Game: Chicken. Turkey. Duck. Goose. Game birds. Game animals.

Dairy Products: Milk. Cream and yogurt. Butter and other fats. Cheese. Eggs.

Beans and Grains: Beans. Grains. Rice. Flours. Breads and yeast. Pasta and noodles.

Vegetables: Onions. Leeks and scallions. Garlic. Stalk vegetables. Globe artichokes. Potatoes. Other root vegetables. Unusual and exotic roots. Leafy greens. Pods, seeds, and beans. Squashes. Peppers and chilies. Tomatoes. Other vegetables. Salads. Herbs. Mushrooms. Seaweed and sea vegetables. Olives and capers.

Fruits and nuts: Apples and pears. Pitted fruits. Berries. Citrus fruits. Exotic fruits. Other fruits. Dried fruits. Preserves and condiments. Nuts and seeds.

Flavorings: Spices. Oils. Vinegars. Pantry extras. Salt and pepper. Sweeteners. Chocolate. Coffee and tea.

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Kitchen Essentials
by Le Cordon Bleu
2001 • 256 pages • $35.00 + shipping

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