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Laboratory Methods for Craft Brewers
Second edition

This new, updated Second Edition of the Laboratory Methods for Craft Brewers resource includes more than 75 brewing methods adapted from The American Society of Brewing Chemists’ Methods of Analysis to help craft brewers ensure quality throughout production. Once the proper specification measurements and consistency have been achieved through the use of the concepts and methodologies contained in this resource, craft brewers can then focus on the art of brewing.

This resource provides the backbone to consistent brewing quality with selected methods important to all craft brewers. Laboratory Methods for Craft Brewers, Second Edition will help craft brewers avoid quality assurance mistakes that can result in a significant cost impact, even within a small batch processing environment.

This CD edition contains over 30 new peer-reviewed methods. Each section has been recently reviewed and expanded. Best of all, the CD format delivers full-text search capabilities so you can find the right methods quickly, and is designed with intuitive menu-driven short cuts for fast navigation.

Craft brewers will appreciate the built-in electronic calculators in the methods which help ensure accuracy, simplify complicated equations, and increase efficiency in your lab. Helpful glossaries define terms in the methods with a few clicks and a recommended reference list acts as a handy guide to further increase the knowledge base at your breweries.

Also included is a Growing Your Laboratory matrix, designed by craft brewing lab professionals, is a chart by barrels produced, of suggested lab equipment and tests and will give you helpful hints on what equipment is necessary for your lab and guide you on how to expand your laboratory.

Selected state-of-the-art methods cover Malt, Hops, Wort, Beer, Filter Aids, and features an expanded Microbiology section, a new Packaging section, and expanded Sensory Analysis section. Also included in this new edition is a section on control charting to help the craft brewers track trends in their laboratory data. Laboratory Methods for Craft Brewers, Second Edition is the essential first element of a sound quality control program for craft brewing professionals at any level.

The methods in this CD are accepted by brewing science professionals as practical and appropriate for judging brewing excellence, beginning with raw materials through the sensory analysis of the finished beer. These methods help define a quality program by explaining what measurements can and should be made. Laboratory Methods for Craft Brewers, Second Edition provides techniques for rigorous quality testing which will help craft brewers repeatedly produce excellent specialty beer to meet the high standards of their market.


  1. Malt Methods
  2. Brewers’ Grains
  3. Hops Methods
  4. Wort Methods
  5. Beer Methods
  6. Microbiological Methods
  7. Filter Aids Methods
  8. Packaging Methods
  9. Sensory Analysis Methods
  10. Control Charting

User Requirements:

PC or Mac system with CD-ROM drive and mouse capabilities. Adobe Acrobat Reader is provided on the CD as well as instructions on how to obtain a free media player for video demonstration. Also included are instructions on how to utilize the search tools and navigate the methods.

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Laboratory Methods for Craft Brewers
Second edition - CD-ROM
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