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Lung Surfactant Function and Disorder
edited by Kaushik Nag

Lung Surfactant Function and Disorder analyzes lung surfactant function from the aspects of molecular biology, biophysics, membrane science, and surface and interface analysis.


  • Addresses standard, novel, and controversial issues and alternative views of surfactant function
  • Supplies comprehensive listings of references through 2004
  • Discusses methods used to determine the molecular dynamics and nanoscale, supramolecular, and single-molecular organization of membranous systems as applied to the lung surfactnat
  • Contains diverse experimental protocols of methods such as NMR, AFM, TOF-SIMS, mass spectrometry, single-channel recording, computer modeling, genetic-knockout, and colloidal and surface analysis
  • Describes the structure-function relationship of the lung surfactant in normal and disease or (dys)functional states
  • Comprehensively assesses techniques for the study of membranes, surfactant and bio-colloidal surfaces and interfaces including Langmuir-Blodgett films, bubble imaging, atomic force microscopy, TOF-SIMS, and Raman and FTIR spectroscopy
  • Studies the physiology and pathology of molecular mechanisms at the lung gas-water interface


  • Composition, Structure, and Function
  • Lung Surfactant Phospholipid Molecular Species in Health and Disease
  • New Insights into Thermal Dynamics of the Surfactant System from Warm and Cold Animals
  • Molecular and Functional Properties of Surfactant Protein A
  • Receptors and Ligands for Collectin Surfactant Proteins A and D
  • Structure-Function Relationships of Hydrophobic Proteins SP-B and SP-C in Pulmonary Surfactant
  • Biophysics and Molecular Mechanisms
  • Chain Dancing, Super-Cool Surfactant, and Heavy-Breathing: Rafts, Membranes and Phase Transitions
  • The Basis of Low Surface Tension in the Lungs
  • Surfactant and Airway Liquid Flows
  • Lung Surfactants: A Molecular Perspective from Computation
  • Analysis of Surface Topology and Chemical Composition of Microstructures Formed in Planar Surfactant Films Under Compression
  • SP-B Peptides: Synthesis, Structure, and Surface Activity
  • Structure and Function of the Molecular Film of Pulmonary Surfactant at the Air-Alveolar Interface: The Role of SP-C
  • Analysis of SP-C Function in Transgenic and Gene Targeted Mice
  • Alternative Functions of SP-B and SP-C
  • Dysfunction and Disease
  • The Physiological Significance of a Dysfunctional Lung Surfactant
  • Pulmonary Surfactant in Asthma and Allergy
  • Surfactant Treatment for Inflammatory Lung Disease
  • Alteration of Alveolar Surfactant Function by Reactive Oxygen Species
  • Novel Surfactant Therapy for Developing Countries


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Lung Surfactant Function and Disorder
edited by Kaushik Nag
2005 528 pages $248.95 + shipping
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