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M.A.D. Leadership for Healthcare
Proven Strategies to Get People to Do What You Want Them to Do
by Wendy Lipton-Dibner

M.A.D. Leadership for Healthcare reveals how every practice can use M.A.D. leadership skills to:

  • Optimize your contact time with patients, colleagues and staff so you get more done
  • Inspire enthusiasm, willingness and ability to grow
  • Motivate patients to follow your recommendations regardless of insurance coverage
  • Reduce staff turnover and exponentially increase productivity, energy and team work
  • Help partners to work together for improved efficiency, faster decision-making, and better relations
  • Eliminate negative gossip and reduce conflict
  • Identify and capitalize on your uniqueness as a practice
  • Create commitment to your policies, protocols and vision
  • Make your practice stand out as the premier provider for your specialization
  • Position your practice to thrive despite tighter insurance reimbursement and economic pressures

No manipulation, no time-consuming "touchy feely" tactics: M.A.D. Leadership for Healthcare simply maps out a fast-track formula for leveraging that all-important people factor to increase referrals, boost revenues, maximize efficiency, enhance partner collegiality, and improve everyone’s satisfaction.



  1. In Search of a Good Night's Sleep
  2. Overview
  3. How to Use This Book for Maximum Impact
The Four Languages of The M.A.D. Formula

  1. Building Trust and Rapport
  2. The Language of Action Types
  3. The Language of Value Sets
  4. The Language of States of Mind
  5. The Language of Chips
  6. Go Multi-Lingual!
M is for Motivate

  1. Motivation and Leadership
  2. The ACTION Formula©
  3. Motivate Your Staff
  4. Motivate Your Executive Team
  5. The Truth About Motivating Patients
  6. The Five Rules of Motivating Patients to ACTION
  7. Invite Your Patients to Take Action!
  8. Who Else Can You Motivate?

A Is for Align

  1. The Power of Alignment
  2. Orchestrate Your Alignment
  3. Conquer Conflict!
  4. Sustain and Strengthen Your Alignment
  5. Align With Your Patients
  6. Align With Everyone Else
D is for Differentiate

  1. Differentiate Your Practice
  2. Define Your Uniqueness
  3. Magnify Your Uniqueness
  4. Do What No One Else is Doing
  5. Differentiate With Five-Star Service
Now That You’re M.A.D.

  1. Make It Count!
  2. A Chip for You

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M.A.D. Leadership for Healthcare
Proven Strategies to Get People to Do What You Want Them to Do
by Wendy Lipton-Dibner

2009 • 473 pages • $123.00 + shipping
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