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Maintainability, Maintenance, and Reliability for Engineers
by B.S. Dhillon

Maintainability, Maintenance, and Reliability for Engineers covers mathematical concepts such as Boolean algebra laws, probability properties, mathematical definitions, and probability distributions.


  • Presents historical aspects, terms and definitions, and useful mathematical concepts
  • Presents commonly used reliability evaluation methods and techniques
  • Addresses various aspects of maintainability including tools, design considerations, and reliability centered maintenance
  • Covers software maintenance, robotic maintenance, and medical equipment maintenance
  • Discusses reliability centered maintenance (RCM) topics such as RCM goals and principles, RCM process, key RCM program elements, and RCM program measures.
  • Explores methods for performing maintainability analysis of design considerations
  • Presents human factors directly or indirectly related to maintainability and corrective and preventative maintenance



  • Need for Maintainability, Maintenance, and Reliability
  • Maintainability, Maintenance, and Reliability Terms and Definitions
  • Useful Information on Maintainability, Maintenance, and Reliability

Maitainability, Maintenance, and Reliability Mathematics

  • Boolean Algebra Laws and Probability Properties
  • Useful Definitions and Probability Distributions
  • Laplace Transforms and their Applications to Differential Equations

Introduction to Engineering Reliablity

  • Need for Reliability
  • Bathtub Hazard Rate Concept
  • General Reliability Analysis Formulas
  • Reliability Networks
  • Reliability Allocation

Reliability Evaluation Tools

  • Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  • Network Reduction Method
  • Decomposition Method
  • Delta-Star Method
  • Markov Method
  • Supplementary Variables Method

Reliability Management

  • General Management Reliability Program Responsibilities
  • A Method for Establishing Reliability Goals and Guidelines for Developing Reliability Programs
  • Reliability and Maintainability Management Tasks in System Life Cycle
  • Reliability Management Tools and Documents
  • Reliability Department Functions and Tasks of A Reliability Engineer
  • Pitfalls in Reliability Program Management

References Mechanical and Human Reliability

  • General Mechanical Failure Causes and Modes
  • Safety Factors
  • Stress-Strenth Interference Theory Modeling
  • Graphical Method for Estimating A Mechanical Item's Reliability
  • Human Error Occurrence Facts and Figures
  • Human Error Categories and Causes
  • Human Stress-performance Effectiveness and Stress Factors
  • Human Performance Reliability in Continuous Time and Mean Time to Human Error Measure
  • Methods for Performing Human Reliability Analysis

Introduction to Engineering Maintainability

  • The Need for Maintainability
  • Engineering Maintainability versus Engineering Maintenance
  • Maintainability Versus Reliability
  • Maintainability Functions

Maintainability Tools and Specific Maintainability Design Considerations

  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • Cause and Effect Diagram
  • Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  • Total Quality Management
  • Maintainability Design Factors
  • Standardization and Modularization
  • Simplification and Accessibility
  • Interchangeability and Identification

Maintainability Management and Costing

  • Maintainability Management Tasks During the Product Life Cycle
  • Maintainability Organization Functions
  • Maintainability Program Plan
  • Maintainability Design Reviews
  • Maintainability Investment Cost Elements
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Life Cycle Cost Estimation Models

Human Factors in Maintainability

  • General Human Behaviors
  • Human Sensory Capabilities and Body Measurements
  • Auditory and Visual Warnings in Maintenance Work
  • Human Factors-related Formulas

Introduction to Engineering Maintenance

  • Need for Maintenance
  • Facts and Figures Related to Engineering Maintenance
  • Maintenance Engineering Objectives
  • Maintenance-related Data Information Sources
  • Maintenance Measures
  • Safety in Maintenance
  • Quality in Maintenance

Corrective and Preventive Maintenance

  • Types of Corrective Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance Steps, Downtime Components, and Time-reduction Strategies at the System Level
  • Corrective Maintenance Measures
  • Mathematical Models for Performing Corrective Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance Components and A Principle for Choosing Items for Preventive Maintenance
  • Steps for Developing A Preventive Maintenance Program
  • Preventive Maintenance Measures
  • Mathematical Models for Performing Preventive Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance Benefits and Drawbacks

Reliability-Centered Maintenance

  • RCM Goals and Principles
  • RCM Process-associated Questions and the RCM Process
  • Key RCM Program Elements
  • RCM Program Measures
  • RCM Benefits and Causes for RCM Methodology Failures

Maintenance Management and Costing

    ,li>Maintenance Management Principles
  • Maintenance Department Organization And Functions
  • Effective Maintenance Management Elements
  • Questions for Evaluating Maintenance Program Effectiveness
  • Maintenance Costing Reasons and Maintenance Cost Influences
  • Cost Data Collection and Sources
  • Maintenance Labor-cost Estimation Models
  • Maintenance Cost Estimation Models for Specific Equipment or Facility

Human Error in Engineering Maintenance

  • Maintenance Error-related Facts and Figures
  • Reasons for Human Error in Maintenance
  • Major Human Failures in Maintenance and Classifications of Maintenance Errors and their Occurrence
  • Human Error in Maintenance Prediction Models
  • Useful Guidelines for Reducing Maintenance Errors

Software Maintenance, Robotic Maintenance, and Medical Eqiupment Maintenance

  • Software Maintenance Facts and Figures
  • Software Maintenance Types
  • Software Maintenance Tools and Guidelines for Reducing Software Maintenance
  • Software Maintenance Cost Estimation Models
  • Robot Maintenance Requirements and Types
  • Robot Parts and Tools for Maintenance and Repair
  • Robot Inspection
  • Guidelines for Safeguarding Robot Maintenance Personnel
  • A Model for Maximizing the Income of A Robot Subject to Repair
  • Medical Equipment Classification and Indexes for Maintenance and Repair
  • A Computerized Maintenance Management System for Medical Equipment and its Selection
  • Models for Medical Equipment Maintenance


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Maintainability, Maintenance, and Reliability for Engineers
by B.S. Dhillon
2006 240 pages $98.95 + shipping
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