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The Complete Drug Reference
37th edition

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edited by
Sean C. Sweetman

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Martindale's Complete Drug Reference is the foremost source for medicines information worldwide and also includes details on herbal medicines.

When you purchase this new two-volume set, 37th edition, you will receive the full book and digital package, consisting of the two volume reference book in a sturdy slip case, plus one year's individual access to the online version of Martindale via MedicinesComplete, with all the attendant benefits, including updating every 90 days. Purchasers will have the opportunity to renew their online access at substantially discounted rates.

Martindale's Complete Drug Reference provides reliable, unbiased and independently evaluated information on drugs and medicines used throughout the world—no other source has this breadth and depth of coverage. It is a comprehensive source of information on drugs and other substances of interest to pharmacists and medical practitioners.

In addition to encyclopedic information on drugs used clinically, it also includes veterinary and investigational drugs, other compounds used in medicine, pharmaceutical excipients, herbal medicines, toxic substances, and more.

Martindale The Complete Drug Reference 37th edition provides reliable, unbiased and evaluated information on drugs and medicines used throughout the world—no other source has the breadth and depth of coverage.

  • Encyclopaedic facts about drugs and medicines
  • 5,930 drug monographs
  • 161,700 preparations
  • 54,500 reference citations
  • 15,300 manufacturers
  • Synopses of disease treatments
  • Enables identification of medicines, the local equivalent and the manufacturer
  • Includes herbals, diagnostic agents, radiopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical excipients, toxins, and poisons as well as drugs and medicines
  • Based on published information and extensively referenced

New for the 37th edition:

  • Over 240 new monographs
  • Chapters reorganized to improve the usefulness of the book
  • Increase in synonyms from Russia
  • Herbal ATC codes added
  • FDA UNII codes added
  • Coverage of proprietary preparations expanded to 41 countries and regions, now including Ukraine

Martindale Contents

Martindale is arranged in three main sections plus a set of comprehensive indexes:

Volume A: Chapters containing monographs on drugs and ancillary substances and disease treatment reviews.

Volume B: Proprietary and non-proprietary preparations; Manufacturers' names and contact details; Indexes.


The information about drugs and diseases is arranged in 49 chapters which bring together drugs with similar uses or actions plus a supplementary list of miscellaneous drugs, herbals, and toxic substances.

The electronic versions of Martindale include an archive of abbreviated monographs for substances that are no longer in use nor of general interest and which have been deleted from the printed edition. In addition digital users have access to a chapter entitled “Additional Substances of Medical Interest”, which includes substances referred to in the WADA Prohibited list and which do not appear elsewhere in Martindale.


Drug monographs

Monographs are divided into sections covering different aspects of the properties and actions of the substance. These would typically include, in this order:

  • Nomenclature
  • Adverse Effects
  • Treatment of Adverse Effects
  • Precaution
  • Interactions
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Uses and Administration

Each section usually starts with a summary of the relevant information for that section followed by referenced reviews and abstracts that expand on or add to this information. Lists of single and multi-ingredient proprietary and non-proprietary preparations are given at the end of each monograph and, in the electronic version, these are linked to the preparations records.

Disease treatment reviews

Disease treatment reviews have become an established feature of Martindale in recent editions. Now numbering nearly 700 and covering diseases from Acne to Zollinger-Ellison syndrome they aim to provide a concise overview of clinical practice. They are intended to provide the reader with some helpful context to the uses described in the drug monographs, giving a clearer idea of how valuable drug treatment is in general, and the relative contribution of particular drug entities. In addition, they provide a more succinct way to summarise disease-based treatment guidelines, recommendations, and comparative studies.



Martindale includes details of preparations from 41 countries or regions.

The information provided includes:

  • proprietary name
  • manufacturer or distributor
  • country/region
  • active ingredients with cross-references to the drug monographs
  • a summary of the indications as given by the manufacturer

Directory of manufacturers

The names of manufacturers and distributors are abbreviated in Martindale. The full names are listed alphabetically in the directory of manufacturers with the full address and the URL for the manufacturer’s website, if available. In addition the telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address in each country (where available) are provided on some electronic versions.

Multilingual Pharmaceutical Terms

This index lists the commoner pharmaceutical forms and routes in English and 12 major European languages. It is provided as an aid to the non-native speaker in interpreting packaging, product information, or prescriptions written in another language.

General Index

The exhaustive index includes:

  • entries for drugs (approved names, synonyms, and chemical names)
  • preparations
  • pharmacological and therapeutic groups
  • clinical uses (disease treatment reviews)

Cyrillic Index

Both non proprietary and proprietary names in Russian may be found in Russian alphabetical order in this section.

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The Complete Drug Reference
Thirty Seventh edition

Two-Volume Set + Online Package
edited by Sean C. Sweetman

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