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Medical Instrumentation
Accessibility and Usability Considerations
by Jack M. Winters

Medical Instrumentation:

  • Presents a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary perspective from renowned authorities
  • Places strong emphasis on understanding and increasing accessibility in addition to usability
  • Discusses a broad set of tools for conducting accessibility and usability analyses for medical devices
  • Reviews existing standards and offers suggestions for developing new guidelines
  • Examines future trends, technologies, and innovations that may benefit more diverse populations of medical patients
  • Includes a glossary to establish a uniform terminology for common terms used differently across disciplines

Medical Instrumentation focuses on how lack of usability and accessibility pose problems for designers and users of medical devices, and how to overcome these limitations.

Medical Instrumentation first addresses the nature and extent of the problem by identifying access barriers, human factors, and policy issues focused on the existing infrastructure.

The subsequent sections examine responses to the problem, beginning with tools for usability and accessibility analysis and principles of design for medical instrumentation.

The third section focuses on recommendations for design guidelines while the fourth section explores emerging trends and future technologies for improving medical device usability.

The final section outlines key challenges, knowledge gaps, and recommendations from accomplished experts in the field presented at the recent Workshop on Accessible Interfaces for Medical Instrumentation.


Background: The Problem, Existing Infrastructure, and Possible Solutions

  • The Patient's Perspective on Access to Medical Equipment
  • Results of a National Survey on Accessibility of Medical Instrumentation for Consumers
  • Emerging Human Factors and Ergonomics Issues for Health Care Professionals
  • Toward a New Health Care Policy: Accessible Medical Equipment and
  • Instrumentation
  • Role of Tax Law in the Development and Use of Accessible Medical Instrumentation

Tools for Usability and Accessiblilty Analysis

  • Applying the Principles of Universal Design to Medical Devices
  • Using Ethnographic Research to Develop Inclusive Products
  • Educating Engineers in Universal and Accessible Design
  • Assistive Technology Devices and Universal Design Assessments: Theoretical
  • Relationships and Implications on Measurement
  • Tools for Sensor-Based Performance Assessment and Hands-Free Control
  • Ergonomic Evaluation and Design of Handheld Medical Devices
  • Usability Testing by Multimedia Video Task Analysis
  • The Mobile Usability Lab Tool for Accessibility Analysis of Medical Devices: Design
  • Strategy and Use Experiences
  • Comparison of Accessibility Tools for Biomechanical Analysis of Medical Devices:
  • What Experts Think

Considerations in Design Guideline Development

  • Accessibility Standards and their Application to Medical Device Accessibility
  • Human Factors Standards for Medical Devices Promote Accessibility
  • Designing Accessible Medical Devices
  • Macroergonomic and Implementation Issues of Guidelines for Accessible
  • Medical Devices
  • Reducing Error and Enhancing Access to Home Use of Medical Devices: Designing from the Perspective of the Home Care Provider
  • Use of Problem-Solving Tools of TRIZ to Address Equipment Design for Home Care
  • Development of the Medical Equipment Device Accessibility and Universal Design
  • Information Tool
  • Access to Medical Instrumentation: The Role of Web Accessibility

Considerations in Emerging Trends and Technologies

  • Technology for Full Citizenship: Challenges for the Research Community
  • Future Possibilities for Interface Technologies that Enhance Universal Access to Health
  • Care Devices and Services
  • Trends to Watch: Trends in Information and Communications Technology That May
  • Influence Developments in Access to Medical Instrumentation
  • Emerging Personalized Home Rehabilitation: Integrating Service with Interface
  • Progress in Using the Universal Remote Console Standard to Create User-Customized
  • Interfaces for Future Medical Devices
  • Usability and Access Issues in Telerehabilitation
  • Applications and Issues with Wireless Technology in Medical Care

Outputs of the Workshop: Key Knowledge Gaps, Barriers, Recommendations

  • Report of the Workshop on Accessible Interfaces for Medical Instrumentation: Draft
  • Guidelines and Future Directions


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Medical Instrumentation
Accessibility and Usability Considerations
by Jack M. Winters

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