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de Swiet's Medical Disorders in
Obstetric Practice

fifth edition
edited by Raymond O. Powrie

de Swiet's Medical Disorders in Obstetric Practice, expert physicians present the best evidence and practical wisdom to guide you and your patients through their pregnancy and illness, to a successful birth and early motherhood. Using a combination of algorithms, years of experience and an evidence-based approach.

Topics covered include:

  • Diagnose difficult to identify conditions during pregnancy
  • Effectively prescribe for pregnant and lactating women
  • Overcome the challenges of imaging, anesthesia and critical care for pregnant women


  1. Pulmonary disease in pregnancy
  2. Hematologic disease in pregnancy
  3. Thromboembolic disease in pregnancy
  4. Thrombophilias and pregnancy
  5. Heart disease in pregnancy
  6. Hypertension in pregnancy
  7. Renal disease in pregnancy
  8. Rheumatologic disorders in pregnancy
  9. Disorders of the liver, biliary system and exocrine pancreas in pregnancy
  10. Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract in pregnancy
  11. Diabetes mellitus in pregnancy
  12. Thyroid disease in pregnancy
  13. Pituitary and adrenal disease in pregnancy
  14. Calcium metabolism and diseases of the parathyroid glands during pregnancy
  15. Neurologic disorders in obstetric practice
  16. Nonviral infectious diseases in pregnancy
  17. Viral infections in pregnancy other than human immunodeficiency virus
  18. Human immunodeficiency virus infection in pregnancy
  19. Substance misuse in pregnancy
  20. Skin diseases in pregnancy
  21. Psychiatric disorders in pregnancy
  22. Cancer in pregnancy
  23. Critical care in pregnancy
  24. Embryologic and fetal development.
  25. Global issues in maternal health
  26. Future health concerns for women who have had a complicated pregnancy
  27. Special concerns for the obese patient
  28. Special concerns for patients with advanced maternal age
  29. Principles of obstetric anesthesia
  30. Prescribing in pregnancy: a practical approach
  31. Prescribing during lactation
  32. Diagnostic imaging in pregnancy
  33. Contraception for women with medical disorders
  34. Effect of pregnancy on common laboratory tests
  35. Approach to headaches in pregnancy
  36. Approach to anemia in pregnancy
  37. Approach to moderately elevated liver function tests in pregnancy not attributable to pre-eclampsia/HELLP syndrome
  38. Approach to shortness of breath in pregnancy
  39. Approach to hypertensive emergencies in pregnancy
  40. Approach to palpitations in pregnancy
  41. Approach to proteinuria identified remote from term
  42. Approach to new-onset hypertension remote from term
  43. Approach to presyncope and syncope in pregnancy
  44. Approach to chest pain in pregnancy
  45. New-onset seizures in pregnancy
  46. Approach to prosthetic heart valves in pregnancy
  47. Approach to the use of glucocorticoids in pregnancy for nonobstetric indications
  48. Approach to hyperemesis gravidarum
  49. Approach to fetal assessment, optimization of neonatal outcome, mode of delivery and timing for nonobstetric readers
  50. Promoting safe care for women with medical problems during pregnancy


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de Swiet's Medical Disorders
in Obstetric Practice

fifth edition
edited by Raymond O. Powrie

2010 • 793 pages • $198.95 + shipping
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